Need For Speed Shift?

Does Need For Speed Shift have a free drive mode just like Need for Speed Undercover? Is it worth $49.99?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "The game will also feature both fictitious tracks and real-life tracks such as Brands Hatch.

    -------- Race types

    Races types in Need For Speed: Shift range from traditional circuit races, Point-to point sprints & Time trials to specialized race events like Drifting events and Car battle modes.

    -------- Features

    Physics model of NFS: Shift is based on those of the “Ferrari Project”

    Eero Piitulainen of Richard Burns Rally has developed a totally new tyre-physics model which is mainly responsible for the new physics

    The difference between the 3 physics-models is in assist levels, while the lowest setting will provide around 10% of more tyre grip for beginners

    Professional setting will require a wheel in order to successfully manage throttle/braking and steering inputs

    Shift will feature different car classes - from normal cars like the Golf GTI up to racing cars like the Aston Martin DBR9

    All cars can be upgraded and tuned from the inside-out

    Most tracks are licensed European and American circuits with few fictional tracks

    There will be few city-circuits

    Head-physics is the key difference point to other titles

    The career mode will span over a total of 125 events"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no free drive mode, its basically a recreation of nfs pro street, defo worth the money tho

    Source(s): i have this game
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