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Which WR to start in week 3 this week?

I've got 2 WR slots open and here are my options:

Malcolm Kelly (Redskins playing in Detroit)

Roy Williams (Dallas at home monday nigth football against Carolina)

Johnny Knox (Chicago on the Road vs. Seattle)

Derrick Mason (Baltimore at home vs. Cleveland)

What do you think the best match-ups are?


Alos, We do get individual kick and punt return stats for players....this may be a factor for Knox.

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    Go with Derrick Mason and Johnny Knox

    I don't trust any Redskin wr for a starting spot look where santana moss has gotten people. As for Roy Williams, Tony Romo has to many choices to throw to on monday night Jason Witten Patrick Crayton, and even see alot of rushing yards out f the cowboy with Felix Jones and Marion Barber sharing the workload. If it was me i would take the shot with Johnny Knox he has just been named the bears primary kick returner on top of fighting for the #2 wr spot behind Hester andthat'ss a close 2nd cutler had been finding knox alot in the past 2 weeks. As for Derrick mason he is a safe choice this week to get you 12 to 15 points

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    mason has a great matchup, cleveland just sucks.

    knox is like the 5th wr on the bears depth chart, and he's playing in seattle. even though the pass defense of the seahawks isnt too great, the twelfth man will come into effect.

    we all know detroit sucks too, but i dont know too much about the redskins so im not sure about kelly.

    as for roy williams, marion barber isnt likely to play, so the cowboys will probably pass more than usual. i'd start mason and williams

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    Knox is getting the most targets out of those players, so play him and Roy Williams.

    I can't - in good conscience - recommend playing any WAS offensive player - even in Detroit - they play like such pu-ssies (3 FG at home against the Rams?! Really!)

    And Mason just looks old, plus Baltimore doesn't need to throw a single pass to beat the Browns.

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