How did you get into your current martial art?

Just wondering if anyone wants to share a story of how they started in their martial art. From my experience many of these stories, particularly from the vets go beyond, "I saw an ad in the Pennysaver and thought it looked cool!!!1!!!!!1!!1!"

Anyway if you have a funny, interesting, or good story about how you started with your current martial art please share :)

Mine is kind of long, but I'll start:

I did many martial arts in my life starting with Boxing when I was like 5ish then Kenpo a couple years later. Boxing I stuck with on and off, but didn't really get serious about until my teens. With Kenpo and all the traditional martial arts I did I could never really stay content. I LOVED the culture and spirituality underlying the instruction and found it fascinating, but I loved the sparring more than anything.. I have just always enjoyed fighting for fun. No, I'm not violent, and hate drama, but I like testing myself against another person and trying to come out on top in the purest form of competition between 2 individuals. Anyway I found most of my TMA schools didn't do enough sparring for me, and it was also obvious that when we sparred I had a massive advantage over everyone from my boxing, but I truly tried not to take advantage of it and hinder my training in a given art... though I found myself discontent training in Dojo where no one could challenge me in a sparring session, so I bounced around a lot until I started ninjutsu which introduced me to Submission Grappling for the first time.

I loved wrestling as a kid, but didn't pursue it in high school like I should have. But submission grappling was a new way of looking at it where the match wasn't over when my back hit the mat, and I was being challenged again. My wrestling still gave me an advantage over most of the people there, but some of the black belts would tap me regularly, and I thought it was awesome, and I became obsessed. I asked my sensei where else I could go on days the Dojo doesn't do sparring and grappling to get more live training in, and he sent me to a few differe Japanese Jujutsu Dojo that specialized in grappling. There I was learning even more, but I still felt ninjutsu was the art for me. After about a year of obsessive grappling training there was only one person in all the schools I bounced between that could still handle me, so I drove over an hour everyday after work and college to go train at his Dojo. this is around when I started posting online for the first time to.

anyway these two seemingly arrogant dykes from GA were very active in the myspace martial arts groups, but they were simultaneously intelligent and experienced martial artists. anyway they were both new MMA fighters, and they stated that no martial art has effective grappling except for MMA styles like BJJ, Sambo, Judo, etc.

I of course confidently stated that they were wrong, and ninjutsu and JJJ are at least as good. I had done 1 underground MMA fight at this point and won, so I was confident in my POV.

they returned telling me I had no clue what I was talking about, and probably never rolled with a Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

I replied stating that I train with several japanese jujutsu black belts and hold my own with all of them through my ninjutsu grappling training... in fact I was submitting them. I actually developed a bit of a reputation on the local TMA scene as a great grappler.

they told me that they were talking about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I should STFU because I didn't know what I was tlaking about. Then they said I should go to a BJJ academy and roll with a blue belt. then come back and tell them I do effective grappling.

I took the challenge readily and found a few BJJ academies, and got owned repeatedly in each. I basically learned what real grappling is and completely proved them right, and felt like a mislead *** that wasted a lot of time. I then immediately enrolled in BJJ and became a lifelong dedicated student.

So basically some internet pissy internet lesbians challenged me into trying BJJ, and it soon took over my life.


weird, but true

hopefully someone else here has a funnier one.

Update 2:

Lone butcher- did you ever try to steal his "katana sword"?

Update 3:

BTW during the online argument with the dykes I was naive enough to think that "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" was just Jujutsu in brazil, and people just hyped it up because they live in the jungle or something, lol. I avidly researched and studied Eastern arts, but never really read too much about Brazilian ones except Capoeira.

after this whole ordeal I studied real BJJ history and rented every every UFC starting with number 1, and that filled in a lot of gaps

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    I was a little kid and an old Japanese guy was a neighbor. Learned he was some martial arts master and supposedly one of the best in the world ever, and so I started. And so it went.

    EDIT: About as un-funny as it gets eh? Oh well... you win haha

    EDIT2: No way lol, he showed it to me... he set it blade faced up and cut a paper with it.. that's how sharp it was. I was a pretty good kid and stayed out of trouble. That and when the old man showed us take downs he threw me around like a rag doll!

    Source(s): his name was Shihan Miyuki Miura
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    Both Kokoro and Matsi have excellent points and the host country where the games are held can have one of their own sports in the Olympics as a demonstration sport when they host the games. Will Brazil have BJJ or MMA is the question and there is an article about this already out on the newstands that I just saw a few days ago. Otherwise getting a sport put in the Olympics is a very difficult and often times lengthy process which is what Kokoro there is outlinning. I don't see it as happening other than if Brazil, who is hosting the summer games in 2016, decides to have BJJ or MMA added because they are hosting the games. The fact that Anderson Silva is the current champ and the UFC just held a major event there and Dana White has said they plan on holding several more is an interesting sideline to all this though.

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    Well depending on who you talk to on here I really do not do "martial arts". I started in TKD and had a great instructor but the gym fell apart do to politics and a really crappy place to train. It had a great gym and all but the owners let kids run loose and one day when we found fecal material on the floor and a note that said the building had lice my instructor took us to another gym. He then had to move. These new instructors were not as good, they did not care about one on one teaching and were leaning towards the crap "Olympic" style. My grades in school had dropped so my parents took me out of it. I did not go back. I do not know how long exactly I was in it bit it was a bout four or so years.

    Then after a couple of years I was not in any martial arts but my brother who took TKD with me and a friend who had taken other martial arts would meet up regularly for light or hard contact sparring, depending on the day. Met a lot of other martial artists this way and we all would throw down and learn how to make our martial arts work for us under hard contact sparring that was as close to a street fight as we could get.

    I had seen the UFC on tv off and on but never gave it much thought. Then I heard we had MMA events in town. I signed up, fought, held my own against a "decent" MMA noob and had a blast. Found our local gym and signed up.

    At that time we had BJJ black belts that lived and taught here. The highest ranking person they promoted was a brown belt before they also moved. The brown belt does nation wide grappling tournaments, in gi and no gi. He does pretty good in the open belt divisions and has beaten some good black belts. But because we no longer have the actual BB's teaching anymore it is not BJJ we do but submission grappling. I still use what my TKD teacher taught me, along with what I had learned sparring with friends but really I am TKD practitioner modified for MMA with some good ground coaches and train with some D1 wrestlers.

    To me it is just about the fact that I train. I do not care what "style" it is or whether our local elitist :P will call it real "martial arts". I just train and dedicate myself to that.

    Not funny but it has been lots of fun getting here

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    I visited a couple schools in my area with some friends and hit upon a Hapkido school that blew other places I had visited away. I visited this place with three other people. Everyone went home sore and tired but only one other friend and myself went back the next morning to sign up and go through the paces again. A year later and it was just me left.

    The funny part of the story is one of my friends got paired up with a girl in the program who has great technique. My friend got locked up and choked so many times he lost count. While he never went back and I fell out of touch I bumped in to him a couple years later and the first things he asked were whether I was still going and how she was doing (he'd even remembered her name). She must have made some impression on him!

    The "why" is that I have always been interested in martial arts. Like a lot of kids I had done a little Karate when I was younger but didn't keep at it because of other activities and my parents' schedule. When I finished high school I took a year off and with the money I was making I started training and affirmed my love for the martial arts. Since then I've consistently trained in Hapkido but I have visited and dabbled in other arts to get a bit of experience for what else is out there.

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    I was interested in the 1960's mostly because of the Bruce Lee craze. I found a Ranger who was running classes near a military base. He frightened the he** out of me he used to crush bear bottles with his bare hands and get blind drung in front of the stdents. and really turned me off of the whole thing between him and some of the dojo's in the Boston area who were teaching broken arts to the "round eye". Their non asian students were routinely getting their lunch taken so to speak. So I lost interest.

    In 1998 I was diagnosed as morbidly obese and had the first signs of hypertension and was fighting chronic bronchitis. My Doctor said if I didn't do something he would have to put me on b.p. medication. I know from years as a chemical researcher that that is not a good route to go because of potential liver damage and it would not solve the underlying lifestyle issues. The doctor recommended exercise as an alternative. I tried everything, running, gym membership weights etc. Nothing seemed to work. I just kept getting bigger.

    One day on the way home from the lab I passed a storefront Martial Arts school with a sign that said one month free. I have been associated with the master there ever since. I am over 110 pounds lighter, my at rest heart rate is 56bpm, my bp is 120/72, I run a mile in just under12 min. Not bad for 65 years old. I now teach at this school as volunteer 6 hours a week. I am also still train there. It has changed me in so many positive ways. I go to seminars and am interested in the history of martial arts. I'm studying Wing Chung Kung Fu now. Taekwando remains my first love as it saved my life.

    Source(s): Martial Arts instructor
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    Mine is kinda complicated...

    I got into some ****, long story but I thought I was going to get jumped...So I took up a mma/BJJ class. I was there for two months before I gave up because the teachers were ***** to me because I was a slow learner, then I switch to another Jujitsu class, but I stopped for two reasons: I was having problems with my knees, and I realized if I was fighting on the street, the ground wouldn't be a good place to be, so I tried out a taekwondo place.turns out this place also taught aikido and kendo. So I was like, wow this is a good deal, so I went there for two weeks, the aikido class was one day, as was the kendo. It wasn't bad, and I learned quite a bit in the short time I was there. Well I took the taekwondo class and well, I was being taught by a 12, 15 and a 19 year old black belt. That, and the price was 125 dollars for two classes a week.

    At this point I was about to give up but I found an aikido school right near my house, and I started going there. I like it but the students were kind of stuck up plus they weren't there to learn to defend themselves like I was, they were just there to get into shape, for the social occasion, ie they were in their 60's, so I couldn't train realistically. I decided to stay there cause the price was so cheap,

    But I asked my Sensei if I could take another martial art to supplement my aikido and Tai Chi was brought up. Luckily, there is a good kung fu school in a city near me, I took my two free classes, and I really enjoyed it, turns out I enjoyed it moreso than my aikido so I started there full time and thats where I am now.

    Haha long story.

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    I started my Martial Arts career in ninjitsu. However 12 years later I had the luck of meeting a (its been a while I think go-dan = 5th degree black belt) in Sanuces Ryu (a very street oriented style of Jujitsu). I learned my falls and throws in his back yard on hard ground and it was by far a blow me away better system and experience than I'd had over the year with any other style. I've used it MANY times in the course of work and when I lost contact with my teacher I spent years trying to find a similar system but failed to find anything worthy. I recently found a dojo in my area with a master who was a first generation student of Prof. Moses Powell, as was my teacher, so I'm in bliss!

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    I heard about my instructor from a friend who's Dad does weight training there. They had a small area in the back of a gym dedicated for martial arts. He now has a two story building with a full cage and other cool stuff.

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    I will not impress you . Tae Kwon Do very popular in Korea . I just took some traditional Korean sport to practice , Choice was Tae Kwon Do .There is many to choose from . I had short episode with Karate in Europe , because Tae Kwon Do level was not impressive .. I do not want change style .

    Better know one martial art as a master than few as a beginner .

    Source(s): Sabumnim
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    Because of "Kung fu theater" - I wanted to be as talented as the guys in the old school movies that I saw every Sunday. Went from school to school till here I am today. It has been a real trip with up's and downs but over all martial arts has caused me trouble, made me friends, and has just been one hell of an interesting time. Still is.........

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