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why can't you fly into outer space with an ordinary airplane?

why do you need a rocket?

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    Airplanes only stay up in the air because of the air around them causing enough friction underneath the wings (when it's moving fast enough) to create lift. If this lift exceeds gravity, the plane rises (or moves radially outward from Earth's center); conversely, if the lift is lower than gravity, the plane will descend, or fall to Earth.

    As you go further from the surface of Earth, the atmosphere becomes thinner, thus reducing the friction of air on the wings and reducing lift. The airplane would need to move MUCH faster to achieve enough lift to reach outer space. That's what the purpose of those gigantic fall-away boosters are for on a rocket; they help to break the rocket free of gravity's pull without using the methods that airplanes do, namely lift.

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    It is not possible to fly into outer space with an ordinary airplane though many have tried.

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    First off, a plane's jet turbines need air to work and space has no air. Second, a plane's jet turbines aren't strong enough to escape the pull of the earth's gravity.

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    The clue is in the "air" part of airplane, no air as in space no airplane.


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    Both you and your plane would freeze and come crashing towards the earth.

    Source(s): I've done it before! ;o)
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