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My playstation 3 broke YLOD and I want to get it fixed what can I do.It's a year old 60gb?


In Ireland by the way

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    You can send it to sony for a replacement free of charge!

    Contanct the consumer advice team and they'll guide you to replacing it, beware though! Your next warranty will only last 90 days and after that you'll have to pay a fee to replace it!

    Here are the details for the UK sony team, Consumer Services

    Sony Computer Entertainment UK

    PO BOX 2047


    W1A 5HY

    To contact Playstation by telephone, please use the number below:

    General Enquiries: 08705 99 88 77

    Network gaming Tel: 08702 422 299

    If your not from the UK i'm sure you can get the American details off the internet

    Source(s): i've done that before lol
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