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Does the Experience counts ?

I am working in TCS in India . I am unallocate for last 8 months but still working as a Shadow in a project . If i resign now should my Experience 'll be counted . What it 'll be written on the Experience certificate. It'll be a worth one or just another print out from the TCS printer.

Thanks for the answer.

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    sure, it will count, all ways / any ways experience will be count if v have proper / genuine >offer letter, >appointment letter, >joining letter, >experience letter & >reliving letter it will be very great if v have along with this bank statement also.

    if possible keep with promotion & appreciation mail & letter - future will be always very bright.

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    Hey...........experience all ways counts. Do not worry recession times come and go, but experience all ways does matter. Never think experience never counts. Work hard.

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