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The BNP's Richard Barnbrook says he's not a liar, he's dyslexic?

"Richard Barnbrook, a Barking and Dagenham councillor and London Assembly member, has told a disciplinary hearing that he also got confused when the bells of Southwark Cathedral sounded as he recorded the video clip."

Like Quasimodo, isn't it? Maybe he should think about his future in the NBP. Sorry, BNP.

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    my daughter dyslexic and does get her words crossed so instead of it reading go she would write it as og she also gets certain words back to front b d p and numbers back to front too 3 5 9 and so on i would never place her in a position were she is setting herself or anyone else for that matter up to fail i feel putting a person with such disadvantages as this councillor obviously has is unfair and i feel even worst for the fact i don't think this was a mistake due to his dyslexia as a parent of a dyslexic child i don't think these are mistakes made by having dyslexia this is just negilgence

  • Lynnee
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    media and politicians collaborate to make the bnp look bad, it doesn't mean that the bnp actually are bad. They do not want to give a public platform to the bnp or debate with them because they know full well that all those people who think the bnp are nazis and have no policies would be very suprised and see that the bnp are in fact respectable and moving in the right direction, fighting for the right causes. Basically the people denying the bnp their rights and their voices are terrified of losing the argument and they're terrified that people will listen to the bnp , and hear the truth. I vote bnp. sure, there are things that i may not necessarily agree with, but on the whole - their policies reflect my views and concerns and i believe the changes they will make are right for the country. the party as a whole is unbelievably well organised (even though it recieves no public funding- unlike other parties), they have very solid policies which are in no way just simple fixes to big problems and if everyone just found out a bit more about the bnp instead of just accepting what they read in the papers or believing rumours they may hear - then maybe people would realise that: although the bnp isn't perfect , they are by far the best bet to save this country and eventually restore it to what it once was..VOTE BNP

  • tom
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    A politicans who claims "“I have dyslexia and when placed in a formal question and answer investigation session... I am unable to verbally articulate what I am trying to communicate mentally."

    Hmm. A politician's main job is to "verbally articulare what he is trying to communicate mentally", what a moron.

    Basicaly, it is the same old rubbish coming out of the mouths of the BNP.

    They claim Gordon Brown is bad, because most people hate the fact that he is not carismatic, then claim they cannot do anything because they themselves cannot actual do the most simple of things and SPEAK!!!!!!

    This is why people should not vote for a party that cannot even get their own policies across properly.

    What do they do when they say immigrant and not "ethnic-immigrant, ie black and asians"? Claim dsyleixcia?

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    He can also see into the future!! I love this little quote from the story: "Mr Barnbrook said the complaint was irrelevant as two people had died from knife attacks in the borough since he made the recording.

    It could be said that I to am dyslexic as I say he is a stupoid cnut. Just what you expect from a deadhead. Maybe he thought the bell was for last orders at his local so it was time for a good spew but then he confused that with verbal diarrhoea. What a moron and an insult to all the genuine sufferers of dyslexia.

    Source(s): Whats the betting that he has no problems with the words immigrant, Paki, black etc etc
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  • kuta
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    Funny how he manages to use long words, especially "articulate" when the more obvious phrase would have probably been, "I've got dyslexia & and I find it hard to talk clearly under pressure." Mind you, as some have already said, dyslexia is "word blindness," creating difficulty in reading (seeing) words and spelling them when writing rather than using them in speech..!

    Reminds me of the old joke about the devil worshipper, you know, he sold his soul to Santa! Ha Ha. :) Mind you, as a BNP member he won't have a soul will he???

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    With regards the video, dyslexia or not, you have enough time to vet videos both by yourself and independently before uploading them when making such claims.

    Looks like he will go far in the bnp.

  • 1 decade ago

    They truly are a laughable party! Have you read the readers views?

    "Apparently, he actually wanted to join the RAC anyway".

    'Richard Barnbrook claims "when placed in a formal question and answer investigation session... I am unable to verbally articulate what I am trying to communicate mentally". Like all the bnp then?'

    "He also believes himself to be working for Banque Nationale de Paris".

    "Is that why he couldn't spell Fascist?". LOLOL!! shooting fish in a barrel!!

    But its also disgusting how he attempts to trivialise genuine Dyslexic sufferers who would never make such a stupid "mistake".

  • Quite convenient to suddenly come forward with this excuse. I wonder if the bnp have actually been struggling with dyslexia all this time. Maybe everything they say and write was meant to come out different?

    "Did I say deport all the black people? I meant, I'd buy a glass of port for everybody".

  • that would mean he finds it difficult to read if i am right. it would not mean you say things the wrong way around two different sections of the brain that deal with reading and with speaking.

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    Dyslexia can not account for giving details of two murders that didn't actually happen. I think the technical term is 'telling fibs'!

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