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how can we combat corruption in government?

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  • andy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    By setting our own term limits for those in Congress and vote them out after two terms. By making the government be more accountable for the money that they spend. I love how the government wants to control more things for us but considering that Social Security is running out of money, Medicare and Medicaid both are paying out more then they are bring in, and that our public schools have some of the highest per pupil averages in money spent to outcome, I don't see why people continue to think that the Government does a good job.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Best way is too do several things but our Congressional leaders would Never pass such Regulations upon themselves for many more difrent reasons..

    First you need Term Limits set upon all Congressional Houses! No-more than an 8 year limit!

    Secondly, Lobyist/Special Intrest goups would be banned from the halls of congress and limit there abilitiies to where Watch dog groups could Red-Flag any potentual deals that seemed shaddy-corrupt!

    Thirdly-- All poliicians would have too every year be required too take a Polygraph- too assure any back room or secret deal.. "Integrity" Is what they seem too preach upon but maybe 1% may use this or have this ability! These are just 3 main reasons too insure the American Voter that there Intrest is whats being done in the Hall of Congress than there own personal agenda's!

    Source(s): Independent Voter!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Vote out the incumbents! We ought to have term limits too. The president can only serve two terms. We should do the same for congressmen and senators! It won't stop corruption, but it'll sure slow it down!

  • 1 decade ago

    By Waiting 3 more years than vote again

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, this is why in the constitution, the free press was instituted because they are supposed to watch over the government. But lately, they suck at it.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Watch every move they make and make them accountable. Make you voice heard. Go to a tea party. Political affiliation is not important. It's just people who see the wrongs being done to America and want to save her. Glenn Beck FOX News 5pm eastern, weekdays) has had many good productive ideas with the help of American Patriot watchdogs (us). One voice can't do it. We need to stand together.

  • 1 decade ago

    well the media used to be a watch dog in this country and now they are not nothing but lap dogs. That telethon they had a couple of days ago just proves it. ZERO tough questions on any of the shows.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe Open Source/full transparency will be the ticket to salvation for America and Canada's "political evolution".

    More interaction online. If the best we got is Yahoo Answers from fellow people then use that. If a news website can "allow you" (lmfao) to voice your opinion, then prefiltered or not, use it. They won't block em all when voices all carry for reform or better policy, more accountability.

    Try to look at better government as "upgrades" like computers. Not to have some stupid civil war or anything violent but rather as politician people do "the pen is mightier then the sword" comes to mind.

    A nice federal (or better yet, 3rd party w/o that need for money, control, and power, so, uhhhh...Jesus? :D) website would be nice. Allow anon posts, chart tax money and how it's spent, give 20% taxes someone earned themselves to be spent on the website in certain premade categories. Love to see pie charts grandma can understand about how much is being generated/spent.

    Having actual votes for stat purposes and debate on a website would be nice. Getting to vote alongside our politicians might turn their images from "bad thieving scoundrals" to "captain of a hockey team status" as they COULD have daily votes from the public electronically coming in. We all know they need MASSIVE direction as it's the corps who lead the show atm. Our politicians need to step up and stop trying to play the game and just be honourable refs of the game!

    Hockey is more important (I feel anyways) to Canadians then Liberals or Conservatives. Were thinking "which city won the Stanley Cup? not, "geez! Did you see that latest scandal where they stole all our money?"


    Banks & Auto Companies are "worth it" but public health care ain't?

    Like what a crok THAT is. Who's rigging the votes? The problem is day after election they remember they don't care about us when the sound of briefcases are clicking all over Washington/Ottawa. You wanna ruin our earth /w that nuclear power station? But these OTHER guys say they can provide the city and then sum /w wind mills. *click* oh, well I see your point, We'll just bring in new people, non mutant ones to replace them after a Chernobyl.

    How long have electric cars been "pushed aside"? Electric in the engine and solar on the rooftops please! What a HUGE workload our parent's generation gave to us. Not complaining, we got lots of cool tech, computers, cars, trains, planes, nearly everything works perfectly too! But upgrades CAN AND WILL be made.

    Love to mention Linux (as it's legit free, not pirate free) for schools. It rns the same as Windows XP, doesn't cost 100 per computer (on YOUR taxes) and doesn't lock in file types. Also patches and fixes are easier in an open source code world for computers then the closed source/secret recepie that no one is supposed to know....then some hacker gets in and can work it for years before a patch b/c not enough eyes saw the holes in the code (b/c it was closed to public eyes).

    Well same for government. Don't close the finances and policies to the public but rather put all laws, proposed bills, and historical laws, even foreign laws for comparison, debate, and of course, upgrades. If were all bound to laws why can't we all vote on them? We all got computers, we all think they are good enough for online banking (and they aren't on Windows btw, Ubuntu .iso cd image can get you started, Google it for a more secure OS).

    So if we trust our money to computers (as white hat system admins are paid to fight off the black hat hackerz) we'd just secure the vote, hell has votes on opinions. Something like THAT for laws would rock. 1 vote per person, they can STILL ignore us, but then at least we can see which Senator/Member of parliament is screwing around and not voting alongside their citizens.

    That's all the best ideas I got to fight off bs like "speeding tickets for a quota", these guys are needed for B&E's, murders, and ****, don't waste their time on tickets!

    All of a sudden citizens' non important votes might count for something (voting for someone to vote for you is HORRIBLY flawed, but rather then replacing that system we should vote alongside them online, have the benefit of sumaries, and see the errors as they float by)

  • 1 decade ago

    Can't count on our military to come to our defense. We are totally screwed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pray for Armageddon

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