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New Zealand on the news?

Has ever new Zealand been on the news in ur country just want to know

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    Sadly not very much :(

    Apart from Anzac day, sport or the 'travel' section, we won't really hear much from you guys. I wish we got more because sometimes I just forget about NZ completely.

    It's sad because I know Australia appears on your news far more than NZ appears on our news. If only Australia was a bit smaller, or NZ was a bit bigger so we could be on the same level.

    but I love NZ anyway :)

    Source(s): However mind you, NZ does appear in the travel section basically every day, it's in the newspaper but it isn't really news lol.
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    I have heard stories on the news about New Zealand in the United States and Canada. Not so much the cable news like cnn but local news, such as fox, abc and cbs.

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    Not really. I live in Indonesia but I am from New Zealand, and there is never any news from NZ.

  • lol all the time mate, recently for the bist job competition lol

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