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如果我想講 ''但係唔順路wor'' 咁應該點講好?

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    It's a pity we're not heading in the same direction!


    (即是我好想送你一程, 不過唔順路. 噤樣表達係咪會比較有禮貎D呢? )


    我發覺對話中都幾常用"head"字, 去代表「前往一個地方」.

    head [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]

    = to go or travel towards a particular place, especially in a deliberate way

    head for/towards/back etc


    The ship was heading for Cuba.

    It's about time we were heading home.

    We headed south towards the capital.

    Morocco Is Not Algeria, But Is It Heading in the Same Direction?



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    如果我想講 ''但係唔順路wor'' 咁應該點講好?


    1) Regret that this is not the route I'm going.

    2) This is the different direction as I'm heading.


    Sorry, we're in split directions (唔順路wor....)

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    But it 's not my way!!!

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    ''但係唔順路wor'' = But it's not the same direction of us

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    It is not on my way.

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    i dont think there really is a word for that, that chinese, english has its own word, it depend on that sentence you use in, you can say " i was just on my way to ........, i can give a ride."

    its hard to explain

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    =But it isn't my way to go.

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