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因為兩個人都給了正解 所以我就給先回答的那位最佳回答

第二位 不好意思囉

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    Artist: Mike Jones

    Song: Next To You

    **Girl i gotta be next to you (x2)

    Im waiting, anticipating for you baby

    (cuz i gotta be next to you)

    And im wanting You cuz u got me

    Boy you got me (cuz i gotta be next to you)

    Baby you on my mind

    As long as we spending time girl (cuz i gotta be next to you) (x2)

    -mike jones

    I aint tripping about the line

    Cause when I'm with my shawty

    She keep my mind right

    When we up in the mall

    She feel up shopping bag

    She love to popp them tags

    She love to drive the jags

    Whenever we alone

    She throw away my phone

    Cuz she dont want no in a rushes while we going strong

    My baby, my baby

    Dont be on that bullshit

    My baby, my baby

    Know i keep her full clip

    Thats why i

    Met her outside 7:45

    Thats why i take pride when i slide up in them thighs

    My baby boo she true U know she hold me down

    So when i get some time

    I spend it with her now


    -mike jones

    My lil mama she know how the game go

    She know of is bout the money

    She know daddy gotta go

    She know of is bout the paper

    Them paper im gon' get

    Breaking back to the crib

    Them paper we gon' split

    She understand what i do

    She trust me and keep it true

    Even tho i live alone

    She knows that i love her too

    While im out i gotta get it

    Gotta stay on the grind

    And she already know when im home

    She take all my time, i

    Love to cuddle her

    Love to make her blush

    Girl i cant get enuff

    Cuz i gotta be next to you

    Love to cuddle her

    Love to make her blush

    Girl i cant get enuff

    Cuz i gotta be next to you


    Now i know that daddy gotta go out there and get it

    I know that when he get some time he spend it with me

    I know that he gon' knows and be around so i'll let him hit his ex outta town

    -mike jones

    And i know

    That lil mama gon' hope daddy down

    And i know

    That she gon' make me smile when i frown

    And i know

    That shawty's more than a friend

    Thats why i ride wit her til the end


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  • 1 decade ago



    Mike Jones - Next To You

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