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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

What was the biggest NFL draft day trade in history in relevance to who each team ended up with?

I think it's when San Diego traded their #1 overall pick in 2001 to Atlanta.... Ultimately Atlanta Selected Michael Vick and then Alge Crumpler later....but the Chargers drafted Ladanian Tomlinson with the #5 overall and then took Drew Brees in the beg on 2nd round....Sick!!!

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    What about the Hershel Walker trade from Dallas to Minnesota? Dallas got some big names from that trade. I forgot who, but it made an impact on their future playoff runs. When the L.A. Rams traded Eric Dickerson to the Colts, the Rams got RB Greg Bell from the Bills, and another player, plus some high draft picks, and the Bills got LB Cornelius Bennett.

    Here's the Dallas Minnesota trade, as described by Wikipedia.....

    18 players moved..Dallas ended up with a total of six of Minnesota's picks over the succeeding years, two of which were used to draft Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. Jimmy Johnson used the other draft picks to make trades with other teams around the NFL. One of the trades led to obtaining the first overall draft pick in 1991, which was used to draft Russell Maryland. In other words, the trade of Herschel Walker to the Vikings contributed largely to the Cowboys' success in the early 1990s. For this reason,'s Page 2 lists it as the 8th most lopsided trade in sports history. [1] Seventeen years later, the trade was still an easy target for satire: one ESPN columnist, assessing the impact of free agency on the NFL, noted that it had almost entirely replaced significant trades and by doing so, "took away one of the greatest shortcuts to becoming a Super Bowl champion: fleecing the Vikings." [2]

    Despite Walker's performance as a Minnesota Viking, his trade was widely perceived as an exceptionally poor move for what the Vikings had to give up in order to get him, and remains one of the most frequently vilified roster moves of the team's history (indeed, in the history of Minnesota sports). "Herschel the Turkey," a mocking "honor" given out by the Star Tribune newspaper to particularly inept or disgraceful Minnesota sports personalities, is named for him. The trade was also made into an episode of ESPN Classic's The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame.... In 2008, the trade was selected by as the number one worst sports trade of all time."

    The Dickerson trade, from profootballhof site...

    10 players moved... RB Eric Dickerson from the Los Angeles Rams to the Indianapolis Colts. The rights to LB Cornelius Bennett from Indianapolis to the Buffalo Bills. Indianapolis RB Owen Gill and the Colts' first- and second-round choices in 1988 and second-round choice in 1989, plus Bills RB Greg Bell and Buffalo's first-round choice in 1988 and first- and second-round choices in 1989 to the Rams.

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    The Broncos trading Chris Hinton, Mark Herrmann and their '84 #1 draft pick to the Colts for John Elway. John didn't want to play for Colts boss Bob Irsay and had a chance to be a major league baseball player for the Yankees if the Colts didn't trade him. As a Bronco fan I think John made the right choice because Irsay sneaked the Colts off to Indianapolis in '84 without giving his fellow owners a chance to vote on the move. Of course, John became a Hall of Fame QB and a two-time Super Bowl winner for the Broncos. Chris H. was an All-Pro offensive lineman for the Colts, Falcons and Vikings. Mark H. was a decent backup QB for the Colts and the Chargers. The Colts used Denver's #1 draft pick in '84 to select offensive lineman Ron Solt, who was a starting guard for the Colts and the Eagles in his NFL career.

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    1. The 49ers traded its first two picks for New England's first-round choice, the 16th selection overall (the teams also swapped third-round picks as part of the deal), and selected Rice, arguably the greatest receiver of all time.

    2. John Elway, the best QB of all time

    3. Eli Manning - Phillip Rivers. Swapped picks... both still unproved.

    4. VIck, LT, and Brees

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    The one you listed. It was great. Each side won. Vick was exciting and Crumpler was a pretty good tight end.

    But San Diego undoubtably won. One of the top RBs of all time and an amazing QB in the same draft.

  • The Elway Trade

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Rockies. The Elway trade was probably the best ever. The Broncos got a star QB and the Colts got some players that no one ever really heard from again.

  • that was a good trade for the chargers. but i think it was in 1983 when the colts (when they were in baltimore) traded john elway for some players to the Broncos

  • 1 decade ago

    Wasn't it when the Giants drafted Philip Rivers and then the Chargers drafted Eli Manning(he didnt want to play for them LMOA!!) and then they end up trading!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    ill take urs, and also when the chargers traded eli manning for philip rivers and got two picks in the next years draft getting shawne merriman and nate kaeding.

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