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Who else thinks Wright and the Mets will go back to being themself next year?

I'm extremely optimistic that Wrights gonna unload next year and Johan will do well next year, this year there was too much pressure placed on them. Who else thinks Reyes will do better and who thinks Maine and Niese will help the mets get back on track to get the Amazins their third ring? (well thats my opinion)

Or what do you think will happen next year with the Mets? (In your opinion)


all right, i did go far on the third ring, how about second place or a wild card berth at the most.

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    You would hope that when they get to Spring Training next February that their players would show up wanting to prove something, and have a good year.

    For that reason, I would keep that team together for ONE MORE year. If they don't win next year, then they all have to go, including David Wright.

    Wright's HR #'s will be down because CitiField isn't Shea Stadium. He has to become a better ballplayer and needs to hit for a higher average and hit more doubles.

    With them having to virtually revamp the entire pitching staff and get a new catcher, I wouldn't rule out Carlos Delgado coming back, which might not be such a bad thing either.

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    Well everyone needs to be Healthy, to be back to Normal, The Mets had the Most Injuries among all 30 Major League Baseball Teams, the Reason for their Early Exit was Too Many Injuries, Now they need a Couple More Key Players and a New Manager they will be fine, but they need to Stay Healthy That's the Key.

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    where you come with 3rd ring you went way far

    But they will get back on track and what you mean Reyes will do better, he was injured throughout the season and coudidnt play but they have to have everyone healthy to win the division next season

    Its crazy how Mets blew alot of games to the phillies last year and Brad Lidge is blowing alot this year

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    I really dont think that the mets will be themselves the mets now suck they may have johan snatana and k rod but that dosent matter wright cant help anymore hes old what reyes doing getting they suck blue jays rock

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    Sorry, Wright is not a money player. He can have all the big time stats in the world but when it counts, he falls right on his face. Santana probably wishes he had never come to New York. He's done!

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    1 decade ago blowing their playoff opportunity in the final week of the season, instead of before the all star break?

    Don't worry in a few years you can go to Dunkin' Donuts and buy your 25th Anniversary Cup of the last time they won the Series. Otherwise known as celebrating 25 years of futility.

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  • In case you have forgotten going back to being themselves means choking away division leads and not making it to the playoffs anyway.

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    not only back to being a great team.. but i think better... you cant help but think they will add some pieces to go with that club.. they should be pretty impressive next year...

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