How can Christian Republicans justify providing health care as a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT?

This goes against everything Jesus taught while he was on earth. It goes against everything in the Bible.


Matthew 7:12....Do unto others (would you have others ignore you, if you were sick and needy?)

The idea that a God of love (1 John 4:8) would not have love for his fellow the point of denying them basic health care for greed, in the WEALTHIEST NATION IN THE WORLD, mind you.....well, that's not love, and any sensible person knows that.

I still don't see any scriptural justification...please, bring on some enlightenment people.

Update 2:

I also meant to mention that MANY of Jesus' miracle's were HEALING PEOPLE and he never charged ANYTHING.....he didn't go to the RICH to heal either - he went to the poor....the needy.

If we are to follow in his steps....shouldn't we seek to provide care for our fellow man.

Update 3:

John Galt is ethical hedonism and if you think the secular works of an atheist like Rand goes along with the Bible, then you are sadly misguided.

Update 4:

elocin - there is a matter of the distribution of finite resources. Medical Ethicist is an employable position for this very reason...acronyms like QALY, etc exist to work this out. The fact of the matter is that our system is the most expensive on the planet - over twice what they pay in the UK, and by ANY objective measure (lifespan, birth mortality, obesity rates).....IT IS MEDIOCRE AT BEST.

To argue against the reform offered, preferring the status quo, is an argument against reason itself.

To argue against a public option, which we know - unquestionably - will drastically cut the cost of care - is an argument against common sense for the sole purpose of GREED - corporate profit.

I recommend anyone sensible enough do some real research, and that does mean turning OFF Fox News.

Update 5:

It's not the function of our government to provide health care or support the general welfare?

Then what did the Constitution mean here, in the FIRST PARAGRAPH....the PREAMBLE:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[1] promote the GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

wow, it says.....GENERAL WELFARE.....

I'd add that the document later EXPLICITLY supports the right to levy taxes and other means of acquiring the means to carry out these tasks.

Oh, and as Christians - we are Christians FIRST. For me that means my relationship with God comes even before the nation and its Constitution. The mission to help our fellow man should come BEFORE a goal of strictly following a 200 year old secular document.

Update 6:

FWIW.....'the LORD helps those who help themselves' NOT in the Bible.

Look it up. And the real irony here is that the people who claim I know nothing about Christianity (me...someone who can read/write Koine) knew this.....and they most surely didn't.

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    What you don't understand, its not the function of our government to provide welfare, health care and financial support to its citizens.

    As you goose-step towards full blown socialism, you do not recognize that government is corrupt, the more power it has the more corrupt it will be and you will lose your freedoms and liberty if you alllow government to become a monster. The bureaucrats who feed off of others will strip liberties away in order to maintain their power and your foolish loyalty.

    If you really care about the cost of health care, support tort reform, placing caps on lawsuits and out of control jury awards. Oh, trial lawyers have paid off every single democrat, including Obama, to prevent tort reform, so that litigation paralyzes our health care industry......... so you can claim we need government to take over health care and socialize medicine.

    The Bible does not advocate socialism and worshipping govt. Why don't all the Hollywood liberals, entertainment and liberal journalists pay for poor people's health care instead of govt? Why not demand Timothy Sarandon, Michael Moore and Sean Penn pay off all poor people's health care bills? Absurd? so is thinking govt provides all your needs.

  • Jane
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    4 years ago

    You misunderstand the Obama plan. It is to abolish prosperity. It was carefully crafted by Robert Mugabe and his brains trust at the Central Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and is founded on the 7 basic precepts of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot. Social justice will be achieved when all Americans (government officials exempted) live no better than Kenyans or Zimbabweans. Health care under the Obama health plan will be a hospital devoid of drugs with the power cutting in and out because of energy rationing and an AIDS rate of 25%. Just like Zimbabwe.

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    *with a little fear of being intrepreted here as a "christian republican," i answer*

    i think that's a bit of an unfair question. I know MANY christian republicans who want their fellow man to be covered with health insurance, but the debate goes a bit deeper than just principle....i'll keep it on the superficial level you presented the question at, though.

    following your logic, according to the bible, people can repent and be forigiven all their, would you consider christians support of a criminal justice system inconsistent? would it make more sense, following your rationale, for a christian to support the use of confessionals instead of courts.

    it's a hyperbolic example used only to support my point: they may disagree with your obvious choice on health care based on their ideas of pragmatism; not just their religious ideals.

  • elocin
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    1 decade ago


    Its not about justifying health care for the privilege but balancing what works best for everyone. This is a tough call really because yes, we are supposed to help those who need help, but God also says to take care of what needs to be taken care of in order to help those who need help. The answers to this question from those who seem to dislike Christians period are mixing up the concept of what is needed to help those who can then turn around and help others. So many trauma centers have been closed down because we have not the money to keep them open while health care professionals treat anyone regardless of insurance. Then you have things like the investigation into Acorn, which received over 52 million dollars in grant money and distributing it illegally. Do you know how many people we could have helped?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That does not mean you have a right , to make me take care of you.

    It means we should help each other out of love not as a right.

    Same as giveing to the poor. you should give out of your own money to the poor , not take it from someone else and give it away.

    Study the word of God and don't add any thing to it.

  • Spidey
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    1 decade ago

    "are you aware that by definition a right is something that can be given and/or taken away by a governing body?"

    Dead wrong. Rights are inalienable, privileges are government granted.

    Some of the previous posters are correct. The Bible doesn't mention health care as either a privilege or a right, so your straw man premise fails.

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    Bull. Government health care is not affordable. Everyone will have expensive lousy health care. What is Christian about rationing health care and making it so expensive people will have to use it less rather than more? This bill is so bad, the Senate voted to only post a summary on line 3 days before the vote. It will fundamentally change our economy but we aren't supposed to know exactly how.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hello, Carl,

    naturally your question is justified!

    All those who are here criticizing you really do not know and understand the teachings of Jesus!

    However your complaint should not only be directed against Republicans but against almost all Christians.

    Most (as you see here in the answers) are Christians only with their lips, but not with their heart and mind!

    That is why nowadays the Spirit Of Jesus is mostly forgotten.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't agree with you about WWJD, but you have a good point nonetheless. Christian Republicans raise BILLIONS for the military industrial complex - through their churches and through government subsidies. This is military socialism on a GRAND scale but socialism to save peoples lives rather than bomb them is BAAAAD.

    Jesus lived in a different world than we do but I'm pretty sure he'd rather people pay something and have control of their health care, than pay nothing and have little or no control. Liberty is actually a GOOD thing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why can a American call it a right.

    We are over 200 years old and all the sudden it became a right?

    How so smarty pants?

    Because 0bama said.

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