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What are your Franchises best Coaches?

The Celtics

1. Red Auerbach

2. K.C Jones

3. Bill Fitch


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    you like the Celtics!?? LOL

    Celtics can suck my balls!

    The Lakers


    Phil Jackson

    Pat Reily

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    LA Lakers

    1-Phil Jackson 4 rings with The Lakers in the time of Kobe and Shaq ,and then Kobe and Gasol

    Phil Jackson has a total of 12 rings ,2 as a player 6 as The Bulls coach in the Jordan era ,and 4 as Lakers coach


    2-Pat Riley :4 rings with the Lakers in the Showtime lakers era (Kareem ,magic AC Green Michael Cooper and James Worthy and Kurt Rambis)

    Pat Riley has a total of 7 rings : 1 as a player ,1 as a assistant coach ,4 as The Lakers coach in the showtime era ,and 1 with miami with Wade and Shaq


    3-Bill Sharman (A Boston Legend giving the Lakers A Championship is surely hilarious)

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    Miami Heat:

    1. Pat Riley

    2. Stan Van Gundy

    3. Erik Spoelstra

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    Miami Heat

    1. Pat Riley

    2. Erik Spoelstra

    3. Stan Van Gundy

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    1) Phil Jackson

    2) Dick Motta (coached some underated Bulls teams in the 70's)

    3) Doug Collins or Red Kerr

    Just for the record

    All Laker fans should have it in this order

    1) Pat Riley

    2) Phil Jackson

    3) Bill Sharman (coached perhaps the greatest Laker team of all-time)

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    1. Billy Cunningham

    2. Larry Brown

    3. Alex Hannum

    4. Dr. Jack Ramsay

    5. Matt Guokas

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    Philadelphia 76ers

    1. Billy Cunningham

    2. Larry Brown

    3. Maurice Cheeks

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    Red Holzman

    Jeff Van Gundy

    Hubie Brown

    Pat Riley

    Mike D'antoni

  • People say Phil only won because he coached Michael Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Rodman, Paxson, etc... in Chicago. Then Shaq, Kobe, Grant, Horry, Fisher, etc... in LA.Then Kobe, Gasol, Odem, Fisher, etc... in LA. He won 10 Rings only because he had great players to win for him.

    When Auerbauch was coaching in Boston he had, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Bill Sharman, KC Jones, John Heinshon, Sam Jones, Frank Ramsey, Clyde Lovelette, 9 players that are currently in the Hall of Fame. Seven of them played together in 1963.

    Of the Championship teams Phil coached, MJ is the only one currently in the HOF, Pippen may get there some day, Shaq and Kobe most likely, Rodman, maybe, Grant slight chance. Who coached more HOF 'ers - Auerbach. Who won more Championships - Jackson. He also has a higher winning percentage with fewer HOF'ers.

    So I'll take Phil Jackson hands down as the best coach. IMO

    Honorable Mention: Pat Riley

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    My team is the Knicks so I have to say either Red Holzman and Pat Riley.

    One thing for sure, it's not Isiah Thomas.

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    The Miami Heat

    1.Pat Riley

    2.Stan Van Gundy

    3.Erik Spolstra, we have to see if he is better, it's one been one season.

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