Bloated with Dopplar scan of liver tomorrow?

Bad bloodwork results a few weeks ago, Enlarged spleen.Legs are turning dark and doc has me doing a Doppler scan of my liver and possible biopsy in the future. What's causing this?

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    There can be many causes of a problem with

    the liver...see if any of these may apply

    to you:

    alcohol consumption

    medication toxification

    chemical exposure

    viral infections (like Hepatitis A,B,C,etc)

    fatty liver disease

    hereditary conditions

    auto immune disease

    metabolic disorders

    biliary obstruction/malformation/infection

    Cysts or tumors

    portal hypertension

    cardiac/vascular problems

    and there are others.

    If the cells of the liver become damaged,

    the immune system of the body will

    cause inflammation to develop inside the

    liver. This inflammation will cause the liver

    to enlarge in size. If the cause can be

    stopped and the inflammation is treated..

    the cells of the liver may heal. However,

    if this cannot be done...then it may progress

    where the liver cells start to die off and

    form scar tissue inside the liver that can block

    the flow of blood through the liver on its way

    back to the heart. This is then known

    as Cirrhosis of the liver. When the blood

    cannot flow through the liver, it backs up

    into the portal vein and causes pressure.

    This is known as portal hypertension. It

    continues to back up into smaller vessels

    not used to handling this amount of blood.

    These vessels may have weak spots that

    can break open and cause internal bleeding.

    If you throw up any blood, have blood coming

    from the is an emergency situation.

    The doctor has to go in and band these

    vessels, known as varies, to stop the bleeding.

    The spleen will also enlarge in size because

    of the blood backing up. The Doppler scan

    should show the doctor how well the blood

    is flowing through the liver. The liver biopsy

    is the best test to see liver cell damage and

    determine the cause and to see how far

    advanced it is.

    The blood work that the doctor does to

    see if there might be a liver problem is

    1 The liver enzymes will show if there is

    damage to the liver cells

    2. the liver function tests will show how

    well the cells of the liver are able to do

    the functions to keep the body well

    3. viral testing to see if a virus has

    entered the body and is using the liver

    cells to replicate itself.

    The bloating may or may not be fluid

    developing in the abdominal region because

    the liver cells are unable to make a special

    protein, known as albumin, efficiently.

    This protein is what holds fluid in our vessels.

    This can leak out, when not enough is made,

    and build up in the abdomen. It is known

    as Ascites. The doctor can tell by either

    examination or a Ct scan if that is what you have.

    Usually a patient will gain weight in a short

    amount of time. Fluid can also develop

    in the legs and feet, etc. This fluid is

    different. If someone does have Cirrhosis...

    people who have this disease, tend to

    hold onto sodium in their bodies. Water

    stays with sodium.

    If the fluid in the abdomen builds up too

    much...the doctor can remove it with a

    procedure known as paracentesis.

    The fluid in the legs, etc...the doctor will

    place the patient on a diuretic and a

    lower sodium diet.

    Without the blood tests results and other

    testing isn't possible to really

    tell, here, what truly is causing this.

    Best wishes to you. Hope this information

    is of some help.

    If this is a liver should

    be with a gastroenterologist or hepatologist.

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    Source(s): Get Rid Of Bloating -
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    Need more details to answer this question. What do you mean by bad blood work? If you are talking about your enzymes being high, and you are bloated in the belly with lots of fluid, and you have an enlarged spleen, then these are all signs of liver damage. It could be cirrhosis.

    Source(s): I had cirrhosis and a liver transplant.
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    4 years ago

    i had light bleeding at 7 weeks then all my symptoms went away at 11 weeks. plus the midwife couldnt find a heartbeat at 10 week checkup (they quite often cant at this stage with a doppler) anyway i was convinced that i wasnt pregnant so u should have seen the look on my face when i saw a healthy little person dancing around on the screen at my 12 week scan! most likely everything will be fine. but u will worry about everything from now till your baby is born (and then carry on for the rest of your life lol) nothing will make u feel better until ur scan so good luck and ul feel better tomorrow xx

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