wkipedia is stupid or just a mistake?

i typed in the diary of a young girl for my class and then wiki went me to the arch....thing. At there, the letters were all covered with s and t bonmbs (like sex and rape). how does this happen. I dont know anything about computers..i feel like i cant relie on them anymore...and they changed it after like 45 min...after i went it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wikipedia gets its information from web browsers who submit the information to the website. it can be manipulated. Steven Colbert had an few episodes on his show where he wanted to prove that if enough people wrote slander and rumors about him on wikipedia that it would eventually be a part of the page...and it worked. Do not trust wikipedia for correct information. It chooses what will be displayed by popularity of the submission of information about a subject.

    Try an encyclopedia or a library. =]

    Source(s): wikipedia.com
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