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Center piece Ideas, colors are tiffany blue and brown?

Any centerpiece ideas or pictures would be great. I already googled and still can't find any I like. I don't want too much blue and brown on it because my linens are already brown and blue and I think it would be too much. Also, my place doesn't allow candles, only fake ones. Thanks

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    Keep the accents as blues and browns - I said that plural because if you are rigid that everything HAS to match just Tiffany blue, you'll go nuts trying to match it. All blues and green go nicely with Tiffany blue because it has blue and green in it. If you relax a little and add punches of green and other shades of blue, you'll have more fun and it will look WAY more interesting.

    Since your linens are already blue and brown, keep the rest simple.

    Less is more.


    P.S. As for actual centerpieces, fake candles suck, so don't go there. How about flowers? White flowers are a great option because they come in so many varieties, you won't be bored. Roses, lily's, peonies, mums, carnations, pansies, jasmine ... you can mix and match the centerpieces and what's more is - you can go totally informal. Vases are easy to find and inexpensive at places like Target, Pier 1 Imports, Cost Plus, Michaels ... I would go nuts on the vases, and just get single blooms from the florist the day of and call it a day.

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    I would say skip the candles.

    Since you already have a good amount of color on the table, I would choose white flowers. Pick a type or two in your budget. If you want to addition colors to the flowers, choose a ribbon to match the blues and browns.

    Good luck!

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    Use only white flowers and greenery; if you want a touch of color add a ribbon around the vase.

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