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fighting tips? how to win a fight?

i need some fighting tips and advice on how to win a fight. i have never been in a fight and i prefer not to ever be in one. but there is this kid about my size who for no reason at all hates me and wants to fight me. he says if he ever sees me out of school he is going to beat me so bad i have to go to the hospital. he is just a dumb redneck. i have tried talking it out with him but he doesn't care. people tell me he has been in a bunch of fights and is really tough. i really don't want to fight him, but i'm pretty sure that is what its going to come to. any tips and advice would be great. thanks.

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    1. Be brave the right attitude will help you deal the the pressure

    2. Learn some basic moves i can recommend some.

    3. Don't think too much, but thinking is a good thing for sure!

    In case it goes to the ground learn these three moves if nothing else. 1. guillotine

    2. Arm-bars

    3. chimoras

    They are some of the most frequent submission opportunities in my experience and will end a fight immediately.

    A few hours put in on a punching bag will help a ton for a standing fight. A good tip to standing game is to throw combos. Also keep in mind this isn't sparring so make your shots hurt (in case you have done any of that), weak shots for points wont do crap here. Elbows are fast and powerful. Knees and kicks are good should the need arise.

    Also watch some good MA videos in an observant Fashion. I watch MMA myself and is probably the fastest way to get basic fighting technique IMO. Like in anything else if you watch the pros you will have learn. The UFC is legit and will show u real fighters who will be fighting in real scenarios. Do as they do to a certain extent keeping in mind when they fight there are rules, should things get to rough for you then you can use some dirty moves.

    Anything goes in this situation.

    It will be hard for him to choke you should he try if you break his fingers. Eye gouge? Groin shots...neck shots... REALLY only if you have to.

    More than that i don't know what to say. Years of practice would be good.

    This link is a good place for free MMA videos to watch

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    Dude, you've GOTTA start the fight, get in real close and grab him and start hittin his ribs and stomach. You said he had a six pack and was thin, well this will hurt him. Then take to work on his face, but after you hit him a couple of times, and the fight goes to the ground, stay on him and don't stop till he's callin out to. slow and strong win fights just as often as light and fast. Personally, i'm a light and fast fighter, and i know this would fix me. BUT!! if you hesitate AT ALL, second guess your next swing, or whether or not to keep fighting, YOU'LL LOSE!!! You gotta get in there, start it, and keep going till it's over. I hope your fighting for what's right dude, cause that way, you'll win. good luck mate.

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    I'm glad to hear you tried to talk it over first. Unfortunately, talks almost never works if the other person doesn't care, but at least you can say you tried. I'm also glad to see that you're not looking to beat this guy up.

    No fighting tips you get here would be in anyway useful. Even if someone did tell you how and where to hit, it's going to take time and training before you become proficient enough to use it in a situation where you have to. Sad to say, but it's true.

    I would instead use Sun Tzu's tactics as opposed to open fighting. And one of Sun Tzu's tactics is to know your enemy and know yourself.

    He says he's going to fight you if he ever sees you outside of school. That's because outside of school is where he has the best chance of catching you alone. With that in mind, I highly doubt he'll jump you at all, unless he can find you alone. In or out of school. Going to and from school, stay with friends whenever possible. Staying in public places as well.

    If you are jumped, I would suggest in addition to fighting back as much as you are able, making a heck of a lot of noise, like yelling. You're goal is not to smear this kid's face in the sidewalk to teach him a lesson. It's to get the fight broken up as quickly as possible. The quicker the fight ends, the less hurt you get. Simple fight physics.

    Be prepared to call the police if he at all harasses you at home. That includes telephone calls.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are no rules in a street fight. Do anything and everything to give you an advantage. Go for a headlock and try to make him submit. Grappling is the most important and one of the most neglected aspects of fighting. Since this is a street fight and there are no rules you may want to consider giving him a low blow if you are in a tight spot. A low blow may seem underhanded but he is going to try to hurt you and you have to do whatever possible to gain the upper-hand.

    Good luck to you.

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    Look up techniques on wikihow (I know for sure they have one) or martial arts sites. If you're POSITIVE you're gonna fight him, make sure to have the stage (i.e. you are facing off against each other face to face)set so you don't get sucker punched.

    I've been in only 2 fights, but I've found that striking first in the solar plexus is one of the most effective moves you can do.

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  • 5 years ago

    Blade edge of hand to bridge of nose. Stick your middle knuckle out further in your fist and punch his diaphragm. Then punch his throat. Kick his knee in from the side.

    Man can't walk...Man can't fight

    Man can't can't fight (throw some dirt in his eyes or even punch them)

    Man can't can't fight

    Source(s): 1954 Army Hand-to-Hand guide
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  • 1 decade ago

    check out kimbo slice videos on youtube watch him fight get tips by watching him,search human weapon on thats the best thing for you to really win the fight. learn how to do a regular punch,take downs,kicks and blocks you should be fine if you block your face and when you strike(puch or kick) be fast and stay out of his way after you strike. serch matt hughs, umm keep your hands up when you fight if your right footed put your right foot back and if your left footed put that foot back dont show your body to the enemy it gives them more to strike at. strike like left jab right jab then left jab have combos when you strike just serch human weapon man good luck

    Source(s): street smart
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  • 1 decade ago

    this may sound crazy but if u have it you will be glad u do get a pocket knife and carry it outside of school just so if he does approach u u can keep him away or if need be stab him

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  • 1 decade ago

    ok im in tkd and i would say kicks to the knees once u get him on the ground go on top of him and punch (and go for the neck) hope it helps!

    Source(s): ME MYSELF AND I
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  • 1 decade ago

    kick and run.

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