Children's show with DINOSAURS WITH LASER BEAMS?

Okay. I stumbled across this picture:

It's for a set of toys from an old TV show that I can't remember. It was about (predictably) awesome dinosaurs that were outfitted with heavy weaponry. I remember the quadroped bunker thing as well as the T-Rex's head Lasers really well, but I can't remember what the show was called.

Help me out?


And there would be a sooper transform sequence where these weapons would be loaded onto the dinosaurs. I remember the T-Rex's thing floating down onto his head.

It was awesome.

Update 2:


You're absolutely right.

Watching right now. Coolest show ever. I totally remember this now. It's like finding a missing piece of my childhood that I didn't know I'd lost. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Update 3:

omg. I remember the old blind dude! And the lizard with the growly voice! :D

I'm sorry. I'm excited and I can't share it because we had different childhoods. :banana:

Update 4:


"I will build an army of DINOSAURS! HA HA HA!"

Update 5:

The commercials are almost as good as the show.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like Dino-Riders:

    Google is an enchanting thing, Origin. That took me a grand total of 2.5 seconds to find. :)

    Oh, and if I'm wrong about it being Dino-Riders, then it's Kim Possible. Maybe Recess.

    ETA: Oh ma garsh, you're banana'ing!

    :banana: :banana:

    I plan on watching this Dino-Riders after I'm done studying. Which I should be doing as I type this...

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  • emilia
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    1 decade ago

    Even though I've never heard of it, I'm not surprised you watched Dino-Riders as a kid :)

    For some reason, it reminded me of Thundercats!

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  • Unkurg
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    1 decade ago

    I concur with Ris.

    I concur with you as well. What's not to like about laser-wielding dinosaurs?

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