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What makes us humans human?

My teacher has asked to right about what makes us humans different? Can you help?

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    What makes us human first and foremost is consciousness. Next is will--the ability to choose between our animal nature and our human nature. Finally knowledge, which transformed us from cave men into modern humans.

    See "Will" in source.

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    What makes humans different is that we can recognize our selves in the mirror. We also have a sinse of past present and future. To be human is to know right from wrong and choose which to follow.

    Source(s): Peelman in Yokosuka
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    Spiritual life.

    The particular superiority of human life lies in dharma. A human being has the capacity to ascertain and to willfully, consciously obey the laws of God. That capacity is normally absent in lower forms of life. And so a human being who is bereft of dharma—who in no way understands that there are laws of God and higher spiritual principles—is equal to an animal.

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    What makes us humans humans is that we are born with a mind. We make our choices, and decides what's right and wrong to us.

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    Already comprehensive - human beings are all comprehensive, merely as they're with none added thinking approximately it or paintings in the direction of something concept to be better, stepped forward, holy or exterior someplace - including dating with God, angelic secure practices, grounding in scriptures, unique sin, or perhaps creation itself and so on. human beings Are Sentient - specific sorts of expertise prepare famous the completeness and famous that each and every human is inherently self recognized as being a reflective faceted jewel in a limiteless compassionate internet of comparable reflective wakeful jewels and then additionally concurrently understanding that there is not any such internet in any respect. human beings carry Paradox - human beings might comprehend the added special duality of all journey and can droop any own reaction to the two pole of that duality in an fullyyt organic way. human beings are starting to be their own perfect instructor while they understand they do no longer exist. human beings might come to understand that there is not any such element as "Human" and no own doer or authorship. human beings might come to understand that notwithstanding is perceived, in basic terms factors directly to expertise as understanding that defies all description, supplication, worship, concern, guilt, or reason. that's what Jesus knew and yet he inevitably taught in a ingenious way. that's actually documented.

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    The ability to reflect on our situation and use our imagination to change it. Also, we seem to have the least natural defenses out of all the animals; soft-skinned, furless, bad eyesight, dull teeth, no claws, etc.

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    Wanting to improve ourselves.


    Caring about what other humens think of us.


    Killing without it being a nessisity to survive..most of the time.

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    what makes a human's different then other species is to be able to act on something OTHER then natural instinct.

    also our brains are bigger lol

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    Our minds.

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