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What topic should I do on Brazil?

Each classmate was given a country and to do any topic on that country. I was given Brazil. Anyone have an idea what topic I can do about Brazil?

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    Talk about the nation and it development.

    (1) First, talk about people in Brazil.


    Brazil is a nation of immigrants. More than 25 nations from Europe and other 25 from the rest of the World colonized Brazil since 1500.

    Now, besides the largest black population outside Africa with more than 40 million of descendants, Brazil is:

    * The largest Portuguese nation (more than 32 million of descendants);

    * The largest Italian nation outiside Italy (more than 25 million of descendants):

    * The Second largest German population outiside Germany (more than 18 million of descendants);

    * The largest Arab nation outside Middle East (15 million of descendants);

    * One of the largest Jewish populations in the whole World;

    * A large Spaniard population (15 milion of descendants);

    * The largest Japanese population outside Japan (almost 2 million of descendants) and other 1 million of Asiatic from China, Korea and Vietnam;

    * A large Slavic population (more than 5 million of descendants from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and some East European nations);

    * A expressive Armenian colony;

    * One of the largest Dutch populations in the World (about 3.5 million of descendants); and,

    * More than 250,000 descendants of immigrants from England, Ireland and United States.

    Brazil is very diverse. The pot of the World ( but, this doesn't means that everybody is mixed) !

    Due to this variety of races, Brazilian models are the best in the World and Brazilian women are considered one of the most sexy, with perfect bodies and beautiful faces. Look (Obs. Orkut.com is a similar to MySpace) wit million of profiles of Brazilians:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Brazilians are maniacs for social networks for relantionship. Millions of Brazilians has profile in one or more sites like MySpace, Facebook and Orkut (sign up for free login):



    Brazilians loves make new firends:



    (click joy the community).

    No other nation expend too many time browsing internet liek Brazilians do!

    (2) Talk also, abou economy and development.


    Brazil is actualy the 8th largest economy in the World, with a GDP of 2 trillion Dollars/year. Brazilian economy is independant, because we export less than 10% of all. So, Brazilians sustain more than 90% of the economy. Many people imagine Brazil as a poor nation where miserable persons cultivate bananas in the Amazon forest, but, this is a ridicule stereotype and a stupid misconception.

    Brazil became the "number one" in soy bean, cattle, cofee, and one of the largest producers of other vegetal agro products, and export a large number of items with high technology: Executive jets, automobiles, yachts, electronics are some products made in Brazil and sold to nations in the 5 continents.

    Brazilian currency is Real, some 2 Dollars. The minimum wage is 9,500 Reais/year and there's no limit for top sallaries.

    Rich are 5% of total population. 61% of Brazilians are middle class/high class and 34% belong to the poor class.


    Brazil is one of the most democratic nations in the whole World. People has a lot of individual rights. Brazilian laws are one of the most civilized and complete in the World. Elections are totally free and votation is electronic since 1994.

    Brazil has it own SPACE PROGRAMM, and advanced researches in some of the most complex fields of the science like Clonning, GENOMA, nanotechnology and astrophisics, for example.

    You can find a lot of Universities with concept 7 (the best) in Doctoral programs in Sciences, Human Sciences and Management. Brazilian executives has solid professional formation. Most has a MBA.

    Every studant at public schools has text/exercise books for free and now, every children is receiving a cheap laptop while teachers has notebooks, both for free.

    You can use a lot of videos to illustrate your report. I have a Youtube channel just for helping foreigners to understand what Brazil is like.


    Most of these videos are in portuguese, but you don't need to understand the idiom to see our reality. Even teh report on Brazil for a Japanese TV is easy to understand due to the sequence of images.

    You you find dozen of videos about colonies and descendants in Brazil, Brazilian economy, business, places and women.

    I invite to visit and to use some of my favorites videos in your presentation:


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    If you're keeping it strictly informative I would organize it like this: Brazil: a. Population b. Economy (main exports, imports) c. Social Life (soccer, etc.) d. Political life e. Customs/Cultures This information can be found pretty readily on wikipedia or Brittanica Online, etc. Let me know if I can be for further assistance!

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    capitol city- brasillia


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