any one know name of old english movie, a comedy with war background?

its black & white flick, basic story a lady US army officer trying to bring in her foreigner spouse into America. the highlight is the hero goes through his ordeal without having a sleep for a week or so. it was about the army's rules/regulations on accompanying ones spouse, immigration laws and not being gender neutral... must be made before WW 2 or pre-1940's.... anyone got ideas ?

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    I Was a Male War Bride (1949)

    aka Howard Hawks' I Was a Male War Bride

    IMDb synopsis:

    Captain Henri Rochard (Cary Grant) of the French Army, and Lieutenant Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan) of the U.S. Army are assigned a mission together to stop a German high-level scientist in post-war Germany. They start out thinking they hate each other but end up falling in love. They encounter various bureaucratic hassles trying to get married. When Catherine's unit gets recalled to the United States, the only way they have to stay together is by invoking a law allowing the spouse of American army personnel to enter the country: the War Brides Act.

    YouTube might have the complete film. Here's Part 1:

    Youtube thumbnail


    NOTE: There is a part in the film where he's trying to find a place to sleep. Regulations keep denying him a place. I think a couple of times he gets to almost fall asleep, when he's awakened and told he has to move on. Some of the craziest scenes are when he has to dress up as a woman so that he can board the ship headed for the States.

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