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Anonymous asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

How much pressure does Team Canada have in the 2010 games?

Last time the Olympic Games were in Canada(Calgary),they failed to medal,last Olympics(Italy) they failed to medal.

This Olympics is on their homeland,also maybe the last time they have professionals...Seems very pressure filled to me.

If they don't pull of the Gold,who will get the blame?Is it Gold medal or bust?


Ohhh and add that Luongo might be in net for Canada as well..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Huge would be an understatement here.

    The odds are better than when they played in Calgary but, with 35 million Canucks expecting nothing short of gold the pressure is immense.

    Parallel it to Italy or England hosting the World Cup in soccer.

    This is all on Stevie Y and Babcock. The team fails and the fingers will be wagging in their direction first.

    I'd rather there were no pros in any Olympic sport. I think the IOC is a sell-out for allowing them in the first place.

    Was just looking at 1924 Olympics results in hockey.

    Can 30 - Cze 0

    Can 22 - Swe 0

    Can 33 - Swi 0

    Good thing they didn't put an end to things right then and there or we wouldn't have the potential for one of the finest Olympic hockey tournaments ever this year. All it took was 86 years.

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  • Anything short of a gold medal will be viewed as a complete failure.

    Blame...for better or worse, it'll come down to Yzerman, Babcock, and the roster. Think circular firing squad.

    1988- still using amateurs and getting releases from major junior clubs.

    Keep in mind that Yzerman was one of the members of the 2002 team that won gold (and if memory serves was on the 1998 team that lost in the semifinal).

    I'll point out that Canada failed to win any gold (in any sport) in Calgary 1988. Unfortunately, there was a fair bit of sentiment/fear that Calgary would be a repeat of the financial debacle that happened in Montreal 12 years prior.

    However, Canada will have a decided advantage of a home crowd advantage (it'll make the thunderdome atmosphere in Ottawa for this past year's WJC seem like a library).

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are lodes of pressure placed on them, mainly from Hockey Canada and the COC. Most Canadian hockey fans do realize that Russia has a great chance of winning this year.

    If they don't win gold, there is no specific person to blame. They seemed to have changed their whole perspective of how to build the team. Maybe it will end up being the same complaint as last time, where there were people saying that Crosby should have been on the team, this year it would be Tavares should have made the team.

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  • chien
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    4 years ago

    It wasn't almost as extreme as this previous Olympics. It wasn't till 1998 that Canada beginning looking forward to Olympic hockey gold. Elizabeth Manley had the stress of a rustic interior the 88 video games.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Steve Yzerman has possibly the worst job in the country if not the world.

    If they win gold, they only did what they were supposed to do an any one of us 30 million Canadians could have picked a winning team with that much talent at our disposal.

    If they do not win, then you have 30 plus million armchair GM's who could have done better. What was he thinking leaving Vinny off the team or putting him on the team.

    From a player perspective the pressure will be massive, the coaching staff will be key to keeping the players on an even keel so that they can perform their best. With Guys like babcock and Lemaire the have made the right choices there.

    We have no excuses, our game, our best players in our barn on our 200X85 ft ice surface.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They'll have the collective pressure from the whole nation. Anything but gold isn't good enough. Coaches and players will probably all be blamed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's either gold or bust.

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  • tons

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