How do computer mice work?

Please tell me in simple detail how modern computer mice work.

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    An algorithm called optical flow.

    At the bottom of a mouse, there's a bright LED, and a low resolution greyscale camera.

    The LED illuminates the surface of the mouse pad, and the camera takes low-resolution "photographs" of the surface about 600 times a second.

    Because the surface of a mouse pad is grainy, the snapshots have a dot pattern. The chip in the mouse compares two consecutive snapshots of the surface, and determines what happened to the dot pattern. If the dots shifted up by 2 units, the mouse must have moved down 2 units. If the dots shifted right and up, the mouse must have moved left and down.

    The chip translates this data into two dimensional vectors and sends them to the computer.

  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    There is more than one kind - early mice used a roller ball which in turn moved two sensors for the X/Y axes. Most modern mice however are optical, and use reflected light from the desk surface to determine movement.

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    Modern mice work like a CD player in some respect. They output a light (red), which is reflected off of a surface. The mouse then receives the light in its optical sensor. Because of the red color, the mouse is able to distinguish patterns of movement. So if you move the mouse up, the mouse "sees" that it is moving up the surface. Then it outputs the data to the computer.

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