Do you think that Hines Ward will make it to the NFL Hall of Fame?

his career stats:

Receptions: 814

Receiving Yards: 9,940

Touchdowns: 72

not to mention that he is a 2 time Super Bowl Champion, a Super Bowl XL MVP, and he hasn't bounced around from team to team year after year. so do you think that Hines Ward will make it to the NFL Hall of Fame?


compared his stats to another Steelers receiver in the Hall of Fame though

Lynn Swann's stats:

Receptions: 336

Receiving Yards: 5,462

Touchdowns: 51

Hines Ward leads him in all of these stats. if Lynn Swann made it to the Hall of Fame with worse stats than Ward, than i don't see why Hines shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame.

Update 2:

another Steelers receiver in the Hall of Fame, John Stallworth

Receptions: 537

Receiving Yards: 8,723

Touchdowns: 63

Update 3:

rshawnw2k2 and Li'l Tsunami, u make good points

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    yes he will make it into the Hall of Fame because my dad said so. my dad lives for football so he knows what he is talking about. whoever said no, they don't know sh*t =)

  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    I think Hines Ward has hall of fame calibur ability, but a lot of his success depends on Roethlisburger performs this year behind center for Pittsburgh. Ward never had a truly healthy #1 QB throwing his way for the majority of the season last year. The Steelers running game last season wasn't up to par with their standards either. Perhaps some of that had to do with the retirement of Jarome Bettis having a bigger effect on the team's running attack than most had initionally envisioned going into the 2006 season. The Steelers offense just wasn't firing on all cylinders last season, and that will need to change this year if you want to see the best productivity you can get out of the Steelers number 1 wide-out. At this point I'm leaning towards Ward getting into the hall. As others have pointed out, WRs don't have an easy time getting into the hall, and I wouldn't even rank Ward as the best overall reciever of his active playing era. I think that distinction is something that can be debated over with the careers of Marvin Harrison and Torry Holt. However we aren't going to get a true measure of Ward's hall-of-fame potential until he calls it career as a player. So just keep watching and judge for yourself then when that time comes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    His career's not over yet and I think he'll keep playing for a while and finish with over 1000 catches, 1200 yards and 85 touchdowns. rshawnw2k2 and Li'l Tsunami are right, like how Don Hutson averaged significantly more touchdowns a game than Jerry Rice, but had almost 100 less over his career since he played in like 50 less games than Rice. Also Lynn Swann helped change the game by really being the first acrobatic receiver which contributes largely towards his being a hall of famer, which Hines Ward does have in his favor as well seeing as how he may be the best blocker to ever play wide receiver. He's got hall of fame stats, two rings, a super bowl mvp, 4 pro bowls, 3 times all-pro, an unseen ability and has been great off the field being an advocate for peace between his home country of South Korea and North Korea as well as making a foundation to help fight discrimination against South Koreans of mixed ethnicities, like he is. Not a first rounder, but he'll get there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hinse Ward is a definite lock for the Hall of Fame. He's probably the best wide receiver the Steelers ever had.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He doesn't make it based on a comparison of stats with Lynn Swann. Career's are longer and the bar is higher. I still think he makes it though.

    His career is not over and he has had a good one so far. He doesn't cause problems off the field in the locker room or in the community. He has been in some on the field trouble, nothing major though and that just translate into intensity and a desire to win. Yes he should be in the HOF when the time comes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, he should. He is an all-time player on one of the oldest and greatest NFL franchises. He is a leader with a Super Bowl MVP and a long career.

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    Do they have a "Dirty Player" section in Canton?

    His stats could get him in, though. I just can't get past his dirty blocks or his taunts toward fans and opposing benches. The only reason he gets a free pass on his attitude is because he is a Steeler and the league loves Pittsburgh. T.O does something and he's a show-off and a jerk...Ward does something similar and he is a "passionate competitor."

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    Great players make the HOF ,Ward is a good player so I say no he doesn't make the HOF!

    Lynn Swann and John Stallworth played in a different era you can't compare their stats to players today!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No he will not, his stats are not that great. His blocking was pretty damn and hes a damn good wide receiver but that alone doesnt grant access to the hall of fame. Where are his touch downs?

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