Are Illegal aliens included in new Heath bill?

One speech said they are not included; but then I heard talkshow hosts say they will automatically become citizens. I thought that was strange that President Obama would exclude Illegals.

And if they were not included; what are hospitals going to do?; dump them on the streets?


Captain.....They close. 5 or 6 emergency hospitals have closed in Los Angeles because of no paying patients.

Update 2:

Zap.....Oh yeah. I suggest you look into why 5 or 6 emergency hospitals have closed in LA, Ca.

Update 3:

Good Guy.....So you are saying they will not be treated ! !

Update 4:

Yeah.....Great Link. Thanks.

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    Here, go to this site.

    The bill states that they will not be covered but there is no way to stop them from being covered. In fact it states that you can't stop them from being covered.

    Yes Joe was right!!!!!!

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    There are a couple of things going on here. First, none of the bills will cover undocumented aliens. Obama supports a way for undocumented aliens to become citizens after a work program and 5 years. This is similar to what Bush wanted (many Republicans were against it then so they are consistent with this).

    Second, undocumented aliens will always have access to our hospitals, especially the ER, because we cannot take the time to determine their eligibility when time is of the essence. If Jose comes in after a car crash, we need to fix him up first. He might have been born in Wichita and we cannot allow a citizen to die because of delays with paperwork. Once he is all fixed up, if it turns out he's illegal we can ship him off.

    As for dumping them on the streets, we are already doing this with Americans. I can see us doing this with non-Americans. It's sad in all cases. We should be protecting and helping those who need us.

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    Illegals are supposedly NOT included in the health care bill. Unfortunately, since privacy laws prevent checking residency, the exclusion isn't worth the paper it's printed on. As for what hospitals will do with them, they'll keep on doing what they're doing now, treating them and then passing the cost along to the rest of us!

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    Illegal aliens are illegal. There is no way to track them. They go to the emergency room for treatment and do not pay. Tomorrow if the proposed plan is passed, illegals will still not pay for insurance, they will still go to the emergency room, they still will not pay. They can't be tracked and fined, because they are illegal.

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    On page 143 it says "NOTHING IN THIS SUBTITLE SHALL ALLOW FEDERAL PAYMENTS FOR AFFORDABILITY CREDITS ON BEHALF OF INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE NOT LAWFULLY PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES." In other words, illegal immigrants cannot get federal health care coverage. Then in SEC. 152. PROHIBITING DISCRIMINATION IN HEALTH CARE," it says that "[E]XCEPT AS OTHERWISE EXPLICITLY PERMITTED BY THIS ACT AND BY SUBSEQUENT REGULATIONS CONSISTENT WITH THIS ACT, ALL HEALTH CARE AND RELATED SERVICES (INCLUDING INSURANCE COVERAGE AND PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIVITIES) COVERED BY THIS ACT SHALL BE PROVIDED WITHOUT REGARD TO PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS EXTRANEOUS TO THE PROVISION OF HIGH QUALITY HEALTH CARE OR RELATED SERVICES." Meaning that you cannot be discriminated against because you are Asian, African American, White, Hispanic, Indonesian, or whatever unless you fall into a category already stated in the bill. Clearly on page 143 it has already been stated in the bill that people who are not lawfully present in the US (aka. Illegal immigrants) are not eligible. I know it’s a lot of legalese but it really isn’t that hard to understand.

    They can get emergency room care though. The reasoning behind this is simple enough. If an illegal shows up and has tuberculosis the hospital is not going to let them go untreated so they can go to the playground and play with your kid and infect them. If that were to happen we could easily have an epidemic on our hands.

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    I think you have simply been duped into believing the Health Care Issue is about Immigration...that's what the GOP wants you to think in their usual game of "distraction politics" when, in fact, these are two completely separate issues.

  • It's a back door deal, they are not going to be included but he is going to legalize them so, yes they are in a way included. What we need to do is not allow it period and deny coverage to their children born in the US as well. Their children get benefits, like medicaid, food stamps, TANF, etc, at tax payer expense because their kids are US citizens but we know their parents are really using the money receive not the kids.

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    No, they will be made legal first. By law, hospitals must treat anyone in an emergency.

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    consider just who these "talk show hosts" are and my guess is you were watching clusterfox news. Google "health care bill", then scroll to section 246 and it will give you your answer, which will show you the answer to be "no", but the right will STILL claim otherwise.

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    They are not EXCLUDED. Numerous amendments were proposed, which would specifically exclude illegals - all of which were voted down.

    EDIT - to Charles. You really have to read past the title of the section on this bill - the majority are highly misleading and contradictory.

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