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acostag91 asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

If the playoffs started today, who do you think would win each matchup that is projected?


Tigers vs Yankees

Angels vs Red Sox


Cardinals vs Dodgers

Rockies vs Phillies

Who would win each match up and so on in the World Series?

12 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Yankees beat Detroit

    Red Sox beat Angels

    Dodgers beat Cards

    Phillies beat Rockies

    Yankees beat Dodgers in the Worl Series

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  • JenJen
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


    Tigers vs Yankees I say the Yankees are winning this matchup

    Angels vs Red Sox this is a tough one to predict but I am going with the Angels. That is what my heart is telling me.


    Cardinals vs Dodgers I am going with the Cardinals. They are the better team because the they have the pitching and some offense

    Rockies vs Phillies As much as I want to see the Rockies do well I think the Phillies have the advantage. So I am going with the Phillies.

    The NL champion series

    Cardinals over Phillies

    The AL Champion series

    I am going to say Red Sox over Yankees in seven games

    The World Series

    Cardinals win it over the Red Sox

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the Yankees have enough offense to get to the Tigers rotation so they'll take that series. And I think the Red Sox are well equipped for a short series with great arms at the top of their rotation so I see it being Yanks/Red Sox in the ALCS.

    Cards have simply been on a tear lately and the Dodgers have quieted down. I could see them carrying that momentum into the playoffs and knocking off the Dodgers. The Phillies just have too much talent for the Rockies to counter and their pitching has really started to come together. Cards/Phills in the NLCS.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Angels Yankees Dodgers Philies

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  • 4 years ago

    shall we look on the Matchups White Sox/purple Sox Rays/Angels Cardinals/Diamondbacks Marlins/Cubs i might like the purple Sox to conquer the White Sox. Beckett hasn't been as stable as ;final year yet while 03 and final year are any indication he in all threat as quickly as lower back steps up his gm for the playoffs. meanwhile cube ok has been shaky this year yet he's getting wins. With the better offense Boston takes it TB is a warm team and has adeeper rotation nowand they're ayoung team playing out of their minds. i admire the Rays here Arizona's pitching is better that St Loui's and St Louis' pitching won't have the ability to hold them. D-Backs i think of Florida's somewhat overated. they have not have been given any aceon their team (they're no a million is Mark Hendrickson) and Chicago has the O. Cubs sweep (assuming no Bartman 2 happens) ALCS purple Sox/Rays. What a chain. i think of the Sox w/domicile field can take this. they might tournament Tampa's pitching and that they have got the exp. Sox in 6 As for the NLCS merely look finally yrs NLDS. upload exp to Arizona and Haren and that's an identical consequence international series. This in all threat comes right down to domicile field and due to the stupid all celeb game format i won't have the ability to assert yet

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  • 1 decade ago

    yankees over tigers

    angels over red sox- the red sox are lousy in los angelas and the angels just have the red sox number

    dodgers over cardinals- this is a tough on two great managers and two good teams but i think manny and pujols cancel each other out and the rest of the dodger line-up is better st. louis the dodger pitching needs to pick it up though

    rockies over phillies- colorado pitching has been really good this year and philly has been inconsist all year

    yankees over angels- all the money spent finally pays off they make it to world series

    dodgers over rockies

    dodgers over yankees- joe torre out manages his old team and also the yankee's are starting to wear down by this time due to their age and not being used to playing this long and can you really go against joe torre in this situation

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  • Tigers upset Yankees

    Red Sox beat Angels

    Cardinals beat dodgers

    Rockies upset phillies

    Cardinals beat Rockies

    Red Sox beat Tigers

    Cardinals beat Red Sox

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  • ALDS

    Yankees defeat Tigers

    Angels defeat Red Sox


    Cardinals defeat Dodgers

    Phillies defeat Rockies

    AL Pennant

    Yankees defeat Angels

    NL Pennant

    Cardinals defeat Phillies

    World Series

    Too close to call, if it's a Cards-Yanks series.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Tigers vs Yankees - Tigers in 3

    Angels vs Red Sox - Angels in 4


    Cardinals vs Dodgers - Cards in 5

    Rockies vs Phillies - Rockes in 4

    ALCS - Tigers in 4

    NLCS - Rockies in 6

    WS - Tigers in 4

    I don't believe it but I can dream can't I?

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  • 1 decade ago


    Tigers over Yankees

    Red Sox over Angels


    Cardinals over Dodgers

    Phillies over Rockies

    Source(s): The Yankees haven't been able to hit good pitching in the playoffs the past 9 years, so why do people think this year will be different. They'll be facing Verlander and Jackson twice
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