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So what actually Barack Obama achieved? What plans are going on?

It would be appreciated if you would please tell me what practically have Obama achieved? Not only that, what plans he planned that are actually began successfully?

It would be best if you can say what he have achieved before him being president? Like his qualifications? What he achieved before?

Thanks! :)

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  • mary
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    HE has achieved attempting to close Gitmo by sending the alledged terrorists to Paradise to live high on the hog on your tax dollars.

    He has overturned the ban that Pres Bush signed to not send our tax dollars overseas to pay for abortions. Now your tax dollars go for abortions.

    He has managed to cut the legs out from uunderneath Oregon's economy by overturning a ban so we cannot harvest the timber here. (We are supposed to be the timber capital of the world)

    HE has made enemies of the Seniors, Military, Law Enforcement, and he embarrassed the people of the United States by giving the Queen of England an I POD with his speeches it as a gift from the U.S.

    Also bowing to the Saudis makes me sick to my stomach.

    NOW, before being President, he was a self admitted druggie, and bragged he smoked "a lot". He hung out with terrorists and preachers that asked God to dam America...HE wrote in his book "the Audicity of Hope that if the winds turn ugly he will stand with his Muslim brothers.."

    He is a piece of work for sure..

    His addiction for adulation is keeping him hopping from state to state to hear more applause for himself when he gives one of his windbag speeches.

    Do you get the picture my fellow American?

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    What he does do:

    He likes himself a whole lot, talks allot in twisted ways like a lawyer usually does, sounding eloquent like a used car sales man, but really doesn't actually say much of anything. Thats why he essentually was picked to run. He goes on TV shows allot.

    What he did do:

    He was a community leader and an attorney for ahorn and people are finally catching on to the "resume"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He was a wonderful community organizer, and ummmm that's all he achieved prior to becoming president. After becoming president he has achieved making me hope their is some change in my pocket when he's through with this country.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Did you just come out of a coma, or are you an unhappy Republican?

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