double stroller or travel system?

We are ttc baby #2. If I get pregnant as fast as I did with my first, my daughter will be just shy of 2 years old when the new baby is born. I'm just wondering should I purchase a double stroller, or keep the stroller I have for my daughter and get a travel system for the new baby?? I don't know what option is best.


I guess I should mention I am looking into jogging strollers for the fact they have good tires on them as I walk on the beach.

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    For your sanity get a double stroller! My daughter was 21 months old when my son was born. In the beginning I tried just putting his infant carrier in my daughter old Snap & Go stroller and letting my daughter walk. This would work for awhile until my daughter got tired, cranky, or just wanted to act like a two year old. When I didn't have a stroller to put her in things got ugly!

    I ended up getting a Combi double side by side stroller. The infant carrier would fit in one side and my 2 year old in the other. This stroller does the job but its not a great stroller. It can really only be used on smooth surfaces like the mall. Even on sidewalk around the neighborhood it rides too rough and the kids are almost ejected if I hit a crack in the sidewalk!

    I also have a Baby Jogger City Series double jogger. That is an AWESOME stroller although very expensive and heavy. They do offer a Mini version now that looks great and also has an adapter for an infant carrier. It's worth checking out if you have the money to spend. Oh, I just noticed your comment about walking on the beach. The Mini version has smaller tires so it probably wouldn't work for that. I have taken my Baby Jogger on the beach before. It works great on the hard/wet sand but its still impossible to push on the very soft sand. It also has an adapter for an infant carrier.

    Now for the stroller I WISH I would have purchased when my son was born! The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller. It has an optional full size back seat that you can use when your oldest child still needs a full seat for long rides or naps. Then when she is older you can remove the back seat and use it as a traditional Sit N Stand stroller. There is also a bar that can attach to the front to allow you use it with your infant carrier while the new baby is still very young - A MUST IN MY BOOK!

    You may end up wanting two strollers like me. I keep my small double in the car for outings and my jogger stays out in the garage for walking around the neighborhood - its just too heavy and bulky to get in and out of the car a lot.

    Good luck! The first few months are tough with two but its true what people say about them playing so good together when they get older, well at least when they aren't fighting!


  • My son was 21 months when my second was born and we got a double stroller from Graco. I really have only used it a few times... more when my baby was a newborn. I would have wanted a jogging stroller, but I wanted the convenience of putting an infant car seat in the stroller and I never found any double ones like that. I know they make them, but I was never able to find them. Also I still think it is going to be hard to push on the beach because of the extra weight of two children.

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    Lots of double strollers allow you to latch on the car seat. Graco makes some that work as a travel system.

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    invest in car seats that grow with the children -from birth to 80 pounds. visit the local ambulance service or fire department to compare your list of affordable seats to the ones that are safest. they will help with installation, too. buy any stroller that fits your needs & budget best.

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    My daughtert will be about 20-21 months when our 3rd arrives. This is the travel system we plan to get.

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