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How to go about getting a tattoo apprenticeship?

I live in Pottstown, PA. there are a fair amount of tattoo shops around here and the surrounding area. Only problem is half of them are Wizards Tattoos which is a chain of about 4 or 5 shops so i dont think i could get one form them. another thing is I am only 18 and still in school.

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    You have to do your own homework on that and call a few places. I am including a link and hope you find the info you need.Check the first link before the last one. Good Luck.

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    Go into each store, politely introduce yourself to the manager or shop owner and explain what you are looking for.

    Once you get an apprenticeship do everything they ask of you and be prepared to work hard

    My friend owns a Tattoo shop and the amount of kids who come in, tell him they want an apprenticeship and never come back are in the 100's!

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    what you could must do is get a portfolio in combination of your paintings. and do not persist with only one sort, exhibit that you're flexible. and move to an artist you respect and speak to them. allow them to recognise that is absolutely anything you're concerned with. Realize despite the fact that that you just WONT get to simply soar into tattooing. and it takes like five years to entire the complete cycle. however allow them to recognise that you're concerned with realizing what the apprenticeship entail to be able to capable your self. you are going to on the whole want one more activity, and can paintings extra hours than you ever have for your existence. but when you're severe, then speak to an artist and ask if they're going to speak to you approximately it. although they are not accepting an apprentice they on the whole could be glad to assist you to recognise what you're in for.

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    The fact of it is we love to express our inner feelings and deepest thoughts in ways other than words. Words sometimes can’t convey the emotions a person feels and sometimes the words just don’t exist in this world. Whatever your reason for finding yourself here I hope that you enjoy and find what you are looking for. Prafer having all the information first before going for one.

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