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The Universe/Space fascinates me. And you...?

Is there ET LIFE out there? How would they be? Would they welcome us or will there be The "Star Wars"? What about the world uniting(leaving all the present wars behind)- in a universal brotherhood had a new planet, parallels to The Earth, been discovered? Are we going to live in an other planet later on? Are there remedies for present incurable diseases such as cancer, etc.?

This surely is a debate that has a lot of unanswered questions. So, let's try to unfold some answers together- if possible.

Thank you for your participation.

PS. Any strand of the statement is welcome. Take care.

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    If there is life, chances are it's either got completely alien technology, (hence why they cant communicate despite the fact that we've been broadcasting for the past 70 years: 70lys!),

    Or they aren't developed yet (we will probably enslave/contain them if we get the chance (zoos))

    Or they're just ignoring us (they will/have already(?) contain/enslave us if they wanted to (zoos))

    Living on another planet? In our solar system? Not likely.

    Venus is like a primordial Earth, so we'd need to speed up it's malting process somehow ;)

    Mars is what Earth will one day be, so though it's got a steady environment and light gravity, we'd need to bring our own soil.

    The Moon? Outpost or mining center at the most. Chances are that people will want to go on holiday there, but not live there due to the side effects of low g. (Unless healthcare extends to the moon (haha fat chance))

    World Uniting? I'd say we'll be getting globalisation in the next 50 years or so, but too quickly for everyone to agree. Western culture has already spread as far as Iran and China, but this is happening too quickly for the officials to like, and so war may ensue(?)

    If you're just talking about the potential of the human race; it's big, but too big.

    Chances are we'll splash out all over the galaxy as soon as we get the chance. Then we'll create new frictions with these colonies (lack of mobility of education and health) and we'll kinda reset to how we are now, that's if, IF, colonisation happens before mobility of services (so in this case, FTL)

    If FTL is invented, then everyone can maintain instantaneous communication with each other, and so outsourced colonies wont feel abondoned when they encounter health problems and appeal to Earth for help.

    (Imagine: without FTL, aid would arrive long after a significant proportion of the colony is dead! Friction would be imminent.)

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    Yes I am very intreged by space... And I have been since I was a child, such a big area, yet we can never realy touch it... If no one knows I am obsessed with Dr. Who, and love that show so much... (Don't bag it or I will get super annoyed)... But I'm not sure how the ET's would react, or even how we would eract, (P.s. I'm also a star wars fan)... I'm convinced they (If egsistant... Which I'm sure they are as it's too big of a space to have nothing there... Cause that would be a waste) But I'm convinced they have seen us before, even though people have taken crap pictures/films of UFO's... My friend claims that one came right up to her when she was a kid... (No she's not crazy, and is too frightened to tell anyone incase they think she is weird)... So they may be friendly, but like most of us, I'm sure some would welcome us, and some may forge war against us, as this happens in our world with different races... And I am intreaged to find out, but am frigtened they may be evil... (Don't think they are)... but I shall prepare myself for whatever is ahead of me ") And this is a very interesting question ")

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    I expect that life may be fairly common in the universe (and therefore in our part of the galaxy), but that intelligent life is very rare. I would speculate that over the next three hundred years or so, we'll send probes to maybe a dozen of the nearest stars, and might find two or three exoplanets with life. But that life will most likely be single-cellular. Remember that life on Earth has been around something like 3½ billion years, and it was just ½ billion years ago that multicellular life arose--meaning for most of life's history it was single-celled only.

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    yes the space fascinates me...

    ETs? if there would be. our astronauts would have discovered them flying around the space. but why are they flying\floating around the space? maybe they're looking for another planet to live on. so it would be very scary if there would be another intelligent beings beside us.

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  • its makes me to be a scientist someday and also to study the other galaxies where the future ET aliens are coming to our planet

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    sure.. I guess Universe fascinates everyone.. whenever we think about it..

    it's really excited...


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