if i opened a checking account with chase bank?

ima do automatic check depositing

how much will checks cost.

what other fees will there be

is chase good?

info, comments, suggestions? Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    checks usually start around 15 dollars most places. If you are getting the basic chase checking account and have a monthly direct deposit you will not have to worry about a fee to have the account. You could also use your debit card 5 or more times to waive the fee. If you overdraw your account you will get a fee, and that can be a little different depending on the state. Chase is good in that it is a large bank, and ATMs are practically everywhere. Also you get free online banking, most banks have that nowadays, so you can make payments, transfers, and some other stuff.

    Checks are becoming more and more obsolete. Other than mailing in bills i never use them (most of my bills are online anyways). I would advise getting the starter checks before actually buying a whole box of checks.

    If you got a Credit Card (free) you could use it only as overdraft protection and bring the over draft fee down to 10 dollars instead of the thirty or so that it would be if you just went into the negative. Of course be careful with a credit card.

    Source(s): Worked at Wells Fargo (had to know competition products). Bank with Chase.
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