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scientifically can cycling increases your height?

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    While anecdotal claims for height increase (even in adults) from specific exercise and nutrition regimes exist (link 1) to expect bicycling alone to promote a height increase is probably wishful thinking.

    While height is strongly influenced by genetics, nutrition and other factors can effect height. In growing individuals, higher Human Growth Hormone (hGH), due to it's impact on tissue and bone formation (The latter due to hGH stimulated release of IGF-1 (Insuline-Like Growth Factor)) influences bone length (height). See link 2 for an overview of a somewhat complex system.

    Exercise -- presumably including bicycling -- at high intensity can promote hGH release, and therefore may have the potential to influence growth. HOWEVER, numerous other factors, such as basic nutrition, specific supplements, sleep, and exercise duration and intensity all must be optimized. For example, hGH release requires at least 10 minute bouts of exercise above the lactate threshold, yet prolonged exercise can actually decrease hGH release.

    In other words, bicycling is one possible type of exercise that may, in a carefully designed nutritional and exercise based regime, have some impact on body height. However, casual bicycling alone is unlikely to have any impact. That said, bicycling is beneficial to overall fitness as part of a mixed exercise and nutrition regime.

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    scientifically can cycling increases your height?

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    Most excercises can improve your posture. This in return will make you become slightly taller.

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