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P.S 若不知道的人,請不要按字面上翻成英文哦!除非是剛好這部電影的中文字幕是直接翻過來的~

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    2.不是給老鼠一塊乳酪, 應該是一塊餅干。全文是:

    If you give a mouse a cookie,He’s going to ask for a glass of milk.

    When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw.

    When he’s finished, he’ll ask for a napkin.

    When he’s done, he’ll probably want to take a nap. You will have to fix a little box for him with a blanket and a pillow. He’ll crawl in, make himself comfortable and fluff the pillow a few times.

    Then he will want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a milk mustache.

    When he looks into the mirror, he might notice his hair needs a trim. So he will probably ask for a pair of nail scissors.

    When he’s finished giving himself a trim, he’ll want a broom to sweep up. He’ll start sweeping. He might get carried away and sweep every room in the house. He may even end up washing the floors as well!

    He’ll probably ask you to read him a story. So you’ll read him one from one of your books, and he’ll ask to see the pictures. When he looks at the pictures, he’ll get so excited he’ll want to draw one of his own. He’ll ask for paper and crayons.

    He’ll draw a picture. When the picture is finished, he’ll want to sign his name with a pen.

    Then he’ll want to hang his picture on your refrigerator. Which means he will need…scotch tape.

    He’ll hang up his drawing and stand back to look at it. Looking at the refrigerator will remind him that he’s thirsty so…he’ll ask for a glass of milk.

    And chances are if he asks for a glass of milk, he’s going to want a cookie to go with it.

    The End

    你所要找的這句話其實是出自于以上這本由 Laura Numeroff 所寫的 ‘f You Give A Mouse A Cookie’兒童故事。

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    以下的維基網址有清楚記載"空軍一號"(Airforce One)曾經在片中用過這一段 'If you give a mouse a cookie,He’s going to ask for a glass of milk'.

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    Source(s): Myself + Dip.BA @Monash U, wikipedia
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    一個是英文高手翻的, 一個是直接用網頁翻譯器直接翻的亂七八糟不知所云.

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    Bravo samtankk :)!

  • 前幾天看幾年前的舊片"空軍一號",裡面提到一句話,字幕上是

    todays ago watch more what years ago of low movie "the name one of air army", in the this part have a word to speak is be , on movie infrom of eyes is be


    "for mous a cheese he just to be need milk". i free just be like we


    an idiom" you don't for me speak die for me "; this just to be them the slang language. he speak quick for up , me come to un able learn up for quick ,

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