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Do nice guys finish last?

I'm 15 and in highschol. Do girls even attempt to notice nice guys? I have become a very lonely and shy n quiet person. I can't really enjoy my teenage years like I should be doing. I'm depressed often... And all I want is a girl that will care about me and my feelings, and try to take care of me.

I don't care about money

I don't care about breasts

I don't care about sex, butts, curves, any of that stuff. Do girls appreciate that?

I am way too shy to talk to a girl, but no one seems to notice me that way. Is being nice and gentleman like the way to go? I get no attention from girls, it's always the jocks and stuff... And I'm beyond depressed in my life, I've never had a girlfreind because I wanted my first kiss and stuff to be special to a special girl.Does anyone care anymore? It seems like if I just be a jerk, girls like it... One time I had the guts to draw some well-drawn flowers that took me

like an hour, and give it to a girl. She said thanks and hasn't noticed or talked to me since.. Am I just not good enough?


I didn't say I was unattractive...

I care alo

and I'd like to think I look nice, in an innocent way

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nice guys don't finish last. They win the best in the end. The jerks and jocks get the girls who don't know any better. You don't want that kind of girl anyway. You want a good quality girl, just like you sound. Good quality girls are looking for good quality guys. Just be yourself. Actually, 15 is awfully young, whether you realize it or not. Give yourself time, and just be your nice self. Don't try to put on airs or try to act any way that's uncomfortable to you. Be quick to smile and always say hi and use the girls name. If you do strike up a conversation with a girl, act interested in what she has to say. Don't worry too much about it because it takes time and practice to get good at anything. There are a lot of trashy girls and guys out there today, but believe me, you are very young and most of the relationships that are formed at 15 are quite temporary. Between 18 and 21 or even 25, you change a lot in what attracts you. You start looking at things like how responsible the person is and how thoughtful they are, etc., not just how they look. A person can be very good looking, but sometimes when that person opens their mouth it completely takes away form their looks because they obviously are shallow or trashy (low morals) or just plain obnoxious. Try to just look to your future and concentrate a lot on your studies. Most of those kids in school having what looks like a lot of fun (drinking, partying, etc.) will be absolutely nothing once they're out of school. It's the ones who study hard and just be a nice guy or girl who eventually meet a nice, stable, quality person to spend their life with. Think of all the things you would like in a person you marry, and in the back of your mind always be kind of looking for that person. You may get a crush on a lot of different girls before you click with one, but that's life. We've all been through that. We've all (or most of us) had lots of rejection. Just smile. Don't overdue it. Just smile like your saying hi. And say hi if you can. Girls actually think shy guys are cute. And by the way, most of the jocks in school often times don't fare very well later in life. Not nearly as well as the nice guy who just studied hard. Be nice to the jocks too. But don't overdo that either. You definitely have to be able to take rejection in life so you may as well start now. If we all clicked with the first person we had a crush on, we would all marry that first person. That just doesn't happen very often. We all usually have a lot of crushes and even some real love before we meet that special one who we really click with. So don't be hurt or disappiointed. And if you get some rejections don't let that stop you. Even a lot of rejections. It's the people who persevere who get somewhere in life. And that goes for anything in life, not just love. Only you know your own worth, and that comes from how nice a person you are and how hard you try at everything, and how honest you are, and how hard you try to help someone who needs help, etc.. No one else can ever give you self worth. It comes from within and will shine right out of you when you tell yourself you are worth a lot. Being a friend to someone is different than wanting them to be a friend to you. Teach yourself to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. And don't expect to have a girl take care of you. You are going to be a man and you need to grow within and teach yourself how to take care of someone else, like a girl friend, or a wife and children. I don't know if you believe in prayer or not, but if you do, pray about it often, and even if it takes years, it will happen, I guarantee it. Remember, don't bother with the girls who are so shallow they don't care about quality. They aren't the ones you would be happy with for long anyway. Half of them are a little stupid. Now go out there and practice this. Oh yes, one more thing. Depression here and there is also part of life. Never let it win. Just wait it out. When you feel depressed, watch a funny movie or read a funny book

    and if you have a friend, call that person just to say hi or to do something with. Funny movies are great for depression. That too shall pass ( the depression that is). If you don't like sports or aren't great at them (not everyone is),and if you can afford it, take a kung fu class or join a club or something where there are other people with similar goals. When you're sixteen, get a job. Any job. Then you could afford to take a kung fu class or karate or something like that. Those martial arts classes are great for building self confidence and teaching inner strength and respect, and respect from others. Just get out there and do something other than drinking and partying like so many kids who waste their time away acting stupid. You watch. If you do these things, everything will turn out absolutely wonderful and you will probably be happier than anyone you know

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well bro, in high school girls maybe developed physically but not all the way to mentally ( grown woman status), at this age girls really only go for the guys as stated above. but once woman get older and want to settle down with a man who will love her and support her and provide for her, their idea of the "right guy" changes. Woman (not girls) want men that aren't jerks, someone who they can depend on someone who they can open up to and share who they truly are. In time women will realize that good guys are what they really want, not some jerk who treats them bad and is an idiot.

    -think of this whole thing as a race (running), sure the jerks/jocks take an early lead, but they can't hold onto that pace. So before long the nice guys who have ran at the same pace (always been a nice guy) are beating the jerks and eventually the nice guys win... although this a long race, about a 18 to 19+ year race.

    - Sure your nervous now and shy but, eventually you grow up and you will gain courage to talk to them.

    my final advice, be that sweet, nice guy. Woman/ girls are attracted to confidence (something to do with cavemen and hunters....) so when a girl talks to you stare her in the eyes and pretend to be confident (having a small smile doesn't hurt either) pretend to have courage. NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT!

    -my final advice (really) hold out for that special girl, your only 15, thats so young bro, don't be discouraged and act confident.

    p.s. i wouldn't do the drawing thing anymore, that only works if your like wicked good (really good) at drawing or your Napoleon Dynamite.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): haha its you remind me of myself, if i only knew now what i did back then :)
  • 1 decade ago

    Ugh...nice guys get all the good girls. I would know. I'm one of those guys. Get rid of the shyness and be more talkative. Get to know nice girl. Nice guys are always said to be pushovers. That's wrong. You can be nice and still get a girl. In fact any girlthat goes for a jock isn't worht your time. Please don't be depressed. Just sit back relax and let life take it's course. You don't need to date in highschool. I'm not at the moment. And I won't till I'm 16. Find a nice girl. It's worth the wait. I promise. I've recently found a nice girl that I'm proud to say might be my wife one day. I'm only 2 months from being 16 years old. Always open the door for her. And poems are always a good choice but make sure you're the one who writes it.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Being nice is all good and well, but being too nice and girls see that as a weakness. Even if you meet a girl and be too nice to her, she'll probably just end up being friends in the end. Act more confident, even you arent. I'm not the most talkative or most confident, but if I have no problem walking up to a girl and asking her on a date. More often that not it works out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The aggressive guys get the dates. Girls don't realize the best fellows are sitting on the bench. It's the aggresive fellows that are most likely to lie, cheat, whatever. Eventually the girls start to think there are no nice guys.

    Keep trying. You'll meet a girl who's smart enough to recognise you're the one for her.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course not. i have no idea why girls havent given you attention. theyre missing out on such a great guy. im a girl and id take a nice guy over a good looking guy any day. your an amazing guy not to care about all that stuff like money, sex and boobs. i also like that you want your first kiss to be special. thats so sweet. dont give up yet, your going to find someone perfect for you who cares about you and loves you. and when you find your perfect girl, shes going to feel so special and be so lucky to have you. good luck :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    High school girls are shallow.

    When you grow up, more women will likely choose personality over looks, and they will care more for things that are not tangible. But at your age, they are all going to want to date the 'hottest' guys and pretty much ignore anyone who isn't attractive, just like all the guys your age do to them.

    You sound like you have low self esteem. You are whiny and self-pitying. Girls hate that.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a totally hot 33 year-old babe-o-rama. I have had the most excellent, long-term, successful relationships with men who are nice, and the nicer and the nerdier the better!!! I just won't tolerate any assholes who slut-around and treat me like dirt. I laugh at them, and never take them seriously (learner the hard way: sociopathic wolves are out! So are pig-dogs!)

    Sometimes what a man thinks are his flaws, his true colors, only endear him to me. Character is what I really love.

    He who finishes first in high school is doomed forever to unhappiness thereafter.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buddy you're gentle but shy too. Just remove that shyness and you'll be liked alot. If you don't talk to anyone how do they know you.

  • 1 decade ago

    dude if u DO NOT care about all those stuffs

    girls think either you GAY or a very bore when comes to sexual activities that's why no cutie for you.

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