What is a determinant ? And what do you do when you 'evaluate ' the determinant , if anyone has ever heard of?

such a thing as this?

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    1 decade ago
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    The determinant is an operation you can do on a square matrix. It can tell you some different information useful for matrix math, like whether the matrix is invertible or not. You can also use it to find eigenvalues, which is important in differential equations and linear algebra.

    Basically, its the sum of the products of the down diagonals minus the sum of the products of the up diagonals.

    For example, a 2x2 square matrix:

    a b

    c d

    would have a determinant: ad - cb.

    A 3x3 is more complex:

    a b c

    d e f

    g h i

    would have a determinant: aei + bfg + cdh - gec - hfa - idb

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    i can tell you what an INdeterminate is

    it is this


    it could be 1, 0, or infinty.

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