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Should a man have been arrested for asking his health insurance company about increased rates?

Joe Szakos was informed that Anthem was going to increase the premiums on Virginia Organizing Project's health plan by 14.1%.

Szakos, a customer, couldn't get an answer from Anthem. There was no justification for raising rates on one hand, and spending money lobbying against health care reform on the other. And instead of trying to offer Szakos an explanation, they had him arrested.

He wasn't at a town hall meeting with a gun. Why arrest him?


Question is: What's the REST of the story???

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    Because the truth to the question would put a huge hole in the republicans logic so they suppressed the truth.

    The truth is that the health insurance companies basically have us by the balls and if there is no one to regulate them they will continue to rise rates unless something is done.

    Here is proof.

    Submitted by Kathleen Blanchard RN on Aug 14th, 2009

    Posted under: Affordable Health Insurance

    Affordable health insurance is becoming more distant. Blue Cross Blue Shield is hiking rates for their most popular health insurance plan, Medigap. Rates starting in October are going up 4.7 percent, and the impact will be felt by our senior citizens. Blue Cross currently insures 210,000 seniors in Michigan.

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    This man had the unmitigated gall to question the pillars of society, the business magnates who, so we are told, hire more people than poor people do. It's time he showed some respect for his betters, and this arrest will teach him a valuable lesson. Or so the conventional wisdom goes.

    Source(s): sarcasm And to the morons defending the corporations, they exist to serve us, NOT vice versa. So shove it up your conservatives.
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    Hmmm... Congress passes reforms, then the corporate well being insurers boost their expenses to attempt against the reforms. And government is the undesirable guy? some human beings are delusional. you already know what would have prevented the coverage firms from as quickly as lower back screwing the american human beings? A public decision. thank you, Republicans, for battling enamel and nail to eliminate the time-honored public decision... as quickly as lower back, you have plunged the ramrod of corporatism up our collective a$$es. have been all bent over and finding for extra after the midterms.

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    Is this a fictional story you wrote up yourself? Where is your link?

    Joe Szakos sounds like he should be more upset that democrats are trying to ram through big government health insurance, and fine him $3,800 when he doesn't get a plan considering it will be mandatory for everyone.

    If he was arrested than most likely he was breaking the law.

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    I think it's because he and several other VOP employees attempted to force their way into the corporate headquarters to confront executives.

    The problem wasn't what he was asking, but the approach that he took. Having a dispute with a business certainly does not provide the right to enter that business without permission.

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    I got a feeling that theirs more to this story

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    He was arrested for trespassing. He wasn't there alone. He had about 60 protestors with him.

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    cue pal harvey here's the rest of the story!!!

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