Is it legal to own a red fox in Arizona? Does it require a special permit as well?

Is it legal to own a red fox in Arizona? Doe it require a special permit as well?

Also on a side note, do you think that taking an animal out of the wild and depriving it of it's opportunities to hunt and use it's natural instincts in favor of a seemingly more comfortable and easy going longer life is okay? I mean they only live 2-3 years in the wild and are constantly hunted for eating farmer's chickens or for their pelts, but they can live 10-15 years in a home that take good care of them.

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    They are restricted live wildlife and require a special permit, which is not normally issued for pet ownership.




    R12-4-406. Restricted Live Wildlife

    B. With the exception of all live cervids, which shall not be imported, transported, or possessed except as allowed under R12-4-430, an individual shall possess an appropriate special license listed in R12-4-409(A) or act under a lawful exemption from the requirements of this Article in order to use wildlife listed in this Section for any activity prohibited by A.R.S. § 17-306 or R12-4-402. Exemptions from these requirements are listed in R12-4-316, R12-4-404, R12-4-405, R12-4-407, R12-4-425, and R12-4-427.

    C. Requirements for the use of wildlife that occurs in the wild in this state and that has been taken alive under the authority of a valid state hunting and fishing license are prescribed in R12-4-404 and R12-4-405.

    G. Unless specified otherwise, mammals listed below are restricted live wildlife as defined in R12-4-401. The taxonomic classification from Volumes I and II of Walker's Mammals of the World, Sixth Edition, 1999, and not including any later edition, is the authority in the following designations. A copy is available for inspection at any Department office and from the Johns Hopkins University Press, 2715 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218-4363.

    8. All species of the order Carnivora. Common names include: carnivores, skunks, raccoons, bears, foxes, and weasels; and

    R12-4-409. General Provisions and Penalties for Special Licenses

    A. Special licenses are listed as follows:

    1. Aquatic wildlife stocking permit, prescribed by R12-4-410;

    2. Game bird field training permit, prescribed by R12-4-416;

    3. Game bird field trial license, prescribed by R12-4-415;

    4. Game bird hobby license, prescribed by R12-4-419;

    5. Game bird shooting preserve license, prescribed by R12-4-414;

    6. Live bait dealer's license, prescribed by R12-4-411;

    7. Private game farm license, prescribed by R12-4-413;

    8. Scientific collecting permit, prescribed by R12-4-418;

    9. Sport falconry license, prescribed by R12-4-422;

    10. White amur stocking and holding license, prescribed by R12-4-424;

    11. Wildlife holding license, prescribed by R12-4-417;

    12. Wildlife rehabilitation license, prescribed by R12-4-423;

    13. Wildlife service license, prescribed by R12-4-421; and

    14. Zoo license, prescribed by R12-4-420.

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    You would be purchasing the fox from a fur farm, not taking a grown animal out of the wild (those are NOT tameable, you're looking at getting a permit from your state's DNR department with 'wildlife', and for that you'd need to be a wildlife rehabber.

    Buying a ranch fox may or may not require a permit, you'd need to check with them on that. Also you'd need a vet trained in exotics and wildlife, since the fox would require a rabies vaccination and the standard dog one I don't think is made for foxes.

    Check with your Department of Natural Resources. Fox farms are in states with cool weather, since they're raising the fur for comsumer use, so you'd also be looking at paying shipping rates across several states. I highly doubt you've got any fox fur farms in Arizona.

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  • sounds illegal...but oh well!!!! is he purty!!!!???? :D

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