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Is it legal to own a red fox in Arizona? Doe it require a special permit as well?

Also on a side note, do you think that taking an animal out of the wild and depriving it of it's opportunities to hunt and use it's natural instincts in favor of a seemingly more comfortable and easy going longer life is okay?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Arizona requires permits for almost every wild animal and they're hard to get.

    If you get a red fox, he may seem to be a great pet. But he is still a WILD animal. And if he slips out of your door, he's gone and you will never see him again.

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  • 3 years ago

    you would be determining to purchase the fox from a fur farm, no longer taking a grown animal out of the wild (those are no longer tameable, you're staring at getting a enable out of your state's DNR branch with 'organic worldwide', and for which you would be able to could be a organic worldwide rehabber. procuring a ranch fox could or will possibly no longer require a enable, you are able to could confirm with them on that. additionally you are able to decide on a vet experienced in exotics and organic worldwide, with the aid of fact the fox could require a rabies vaccination and the widely used canines one i do no longer think of is made for foxes. verify with your branch of organic factors. Fox farms are in states with cool climate, in view that they're elevating the fur for comsumer use, so which you would be able to additionally be staring at paying transport expenses for the period of quite a few states. I rather doubt you have have been given any fox fur farms in Arizona.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well, i think everything in your question is illegal. if you want to own a wild animal, you have to get a license to house wildlife on your property. and with that, you have to provide adequate fencing, so your wldlife does not leave your property. its a big hassle with the state and county you live in, that can result in random inspections of your home.

    wild animals (animals in general) do not think like humans...when you take them out of their natural habitat, away from their natural diet, behavior and every day activities they were evolved to will end up with a very unhealthy and psychologically damaged animal that can end up dangerous. so it is most defiantly not OK to remove a species from its natural life. domesticated animals understand the meaning of a comfortable easy going life. wild animals know the meaning of survival of the fittest.

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