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Essay Help. First Amendment in Electronic Media vs. Printed Media?

I'm doing an essay about the First Amendment and how it differs in use in electronic and printed media. I'm trying to narrow it down to three points. I've already decided to compare and contrast the use of regulations and censorship in these two media as well as comparing and contrasting the method of delivery and impact of each media. I just need help coming up with another main point.

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    1 decade ago
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    You could compare and contrast what people are willing to say in different types of media. For example, printed media is usually something the press WANTS you to know. Electronic media is so wide, that everyone knows everything..good or bad. An example would be Obama's health plan. If you watch Fox (mainly right-wing) you would hear things like "Obama's health plan will not be good for elderly people." If you watch MSNBC (mainly left-wing) you would hear things like "Obama's health plan will help several people and their families." The printed media only prints things that they want you to hear. THey want you to buy their products. They talk about the latest things. Electronic media tells you anything and everything, and is available 24 / 7.

  • 4 years ago

    "digital media?" that should contain exceptionally plenty each and every little weblog and website on the subject count of information. In anycase, no. i do no longer think of so. human beings nevertheless circulate to the enormous media giants for their information, specially because of the fact they have an prolonged historic past of credibility. If some disaster happens i'd decide for to circulate to nicely popular components like Time magazine, Wallstreet magazine, the enormous apple cases etc... yet another excuse is that each and every thing you notice on line comes from print. So in spite of the type you notice it, the print industry would be around, a minimum of till all of us very own computers and be sure paper is taboo. I do think of the only exchange occurring is the maount of innovations you have get admission to to, it quite is the reason on line would be your source to getting thoughts rapid, and something on the subject count of despite it is your interpreting approximately. Print will in simple terms become muhc extra in intensity, with long thoughts explaining extra.

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