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CONSPIRACY........Is this the "REAL" reason the Philippines is a poor country?

I came across a book entitled "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. In his book he talked about how the USA controls other countries by putting them in debt in order to implement their policies. Such is the case of the Philippines. The USA would then control a country's vast resources (ie. OIL in the Middle East) and profit from them while the masses of the country are left in poverty. Ferdinand Marcos was a USA puppet who allowed military bases to be built while putting the country in debt for many generations. The USA then uses that debt to force countries to do what the USA wants.

He went on to say that most of the world's presidents and dictators are USA puppets and only do what Americans tell them. If any of these leaders did not do what the USA wanted then they were either assasinated or removed from power through coup or revolution.



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What do you think? Do you agree that the USA tries to use debt to control other countries in order to implement their policies?


***Please watch the videos.....It explains how the America Government controls various nations around the world.

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  • MatT
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    Yes, definitely. It is true.

    Of course the Americans here would say it's not true because it would make them bad in public face.

    Manuel Roxas, Ramon Magsaysay, and Ferdinand Marcos were all installed presidents of the Philippines by the American state and of the C!A - obviously, Gloria Arroyo is also one American puppet because she would have been kicked out of office if she hadn't been helped by the American government under Bush - she doesn't care a whit even if a thousand Filipino women would get raped - she just cares about her own soul and how she could get in touch with Bush or Obama.

    The US played with the local differences in Latin American countries and expelled their Presidents when they disagreed with the policies of the US.

    The reason why America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq is because they are angry and miserable about not having a foothold in those nations. In fact, there is a suspicion among conspiracy forums that the terrorism plots, specifically that of the 9-11 were by American authorities.

    By every speech of every elected American president, you can see that it clearly asserts its own power and dominion over other countries - which is obviously isn't right or fair. Who are they to dictate on other countries?

    When President Obama of the US was elected I thought that there would be a major revamp of America's policies regarding its foreign relations - alas! Nothing has happened - it still aims to control the whole world by stealth and "diplomacy".

    The changes he had promised in his speeches? Where are those? He still retains American forces in many nations around the world, including the Philippines.

    The American government is bent on being superior in the whole world in the expense of smaller nations. Fortunately, there are still many of their citizens who are not like that.

    * I know that I may get lots of thumbs-down because there are lots of Americans in Y!AP who don't have much time to study about books written by Americans themselves that tell how the C!A controls the Philippines, and because there are also lots of Y!APpers who are extremely brainwashed, but I don't care - this is the truth and if they don't wanna believe, it's fine. For me, I like the American people, but not their government.

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    Although the Filipino "tigas ng ulo" ( hard headed ) attitude is very common so I understand your question I do NOT believe this attitude is dominant nor the primary reason for widespread poverty in the Philippines. After living here so many years I have come to believe the widespread happiness and contentment amongst Filipinos whether rich or poor leads to such poverty. Of course there are many other reasons like both local and international politics where it's probably in the interest of USA foreign policy and the Filipino wealthy, educated abroad elite that the Philippines remains a developing nation aka "third world" poor country.

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    yes in some ways, I hope the people who answer watch the video b4 answering anyway, I agree, Marcos was a puppet during his days, also Corruptions, but corruptions isn't the only cause, why would Government corrupt? because they want money, and why they want money? because other countries profit and get more "enough" money, and there's come America. Because Philippines even in one of the fast growing economy in Asia, it still face alot of problems. United States are in the top because they bought other countries resources cheaper on their averages (because maybe for the country the value is already high or ok) but it's not always like that. Philippines do everything it can now, that's why goods in the philippines are getting higher is because they need to, so other counrties cannot buy it cheaper then the econmy will go down,

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  • Johny
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    Yeah maybe they did that or still do but no one can do much about it because they would just have you killed. I personally also blame it on a perfect culmination of corruption,crab mentality of the people,the church,the banks and finally the koreans lol. Seriously you can't blame any one thing for the reason why the philippines is the way it is today. The nation has gone beyond the point of no return in regards to being able to pick itself up and really make headway in the economic world. Far to many things against it now for it to ever be a 1st world country. All the people can do now is just keep on going and surviving and see how things turn out. It was the same 20 years ago,the same today and will be relatively the same in 20 years time. Still broke,still over populated,still a huge lack of money and to top it off filipinos will still look for someone to blame!

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  • Anonymous
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    5 years since the original post. Have you found out more about this? I read that book as well. Conspiracy theory or not, it sounds plausible given the Philippine government's history of plunder, administration after administration, by the presidents and/or the house representatives. If indeed the US has some form of control over Philippine affairs, then it should go all the way. Stop the plunder and install public servants who will not only amass ill gotten wealth. If a healthy economy they are after, it would produce better and more lasting results than backing an easily corruptible gang of policy makers.

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    I think your theory is correct for once. I suppose you are one of my critics when I asked a questionnaire one time or another. At least here you got a pretty good question concerning the Philippines. I myself is convince that the US government is secretly running our affairs behind our back so to speak.

    I do not need to watch the video. I am pretty much convince through out the world not only the Philippines is being manipulated by the US government but lots of countries around the world either for oil or natural resources or whatever. Imagine a child being kept by an auntie because her parents died already. This child is impoverished and hardly have a new cloths. The money is from her own parents who kept a savings. And since the child is a minor, she should have a guardian and this guardian happens to be her own aunt. They live both in the parents home and everything is run by the auntie. She is manipulated and used by the auntie because of the wealth left for her. The US has used our country for centuries, even today we are runned by the US. Everything that is happening around us even the up coming election. It is hard to prove such allegation of course. Because it is a shadow government, a hand that we do not actually see.

    Kaya tayo mahirap para lagi tayong umaasa sa kapabilidad ng US sa ating kapakanan which is the opposite. We actually do not need the US if we are freely given a free choice to make our own economy. Tulad na lang ng science development. Why we do not have capability to invent or make our own NUKES or bombs? Yet we are one of the intelligent people in the universe. We can certainly invent bombs like the atomic or the nuclear bomb. India done it and even Pakistan done it why not us hindi ba? India and Pakistan have their own nukes. Kung titingnan mo eh mas mahirap pa sila sa atin, nakakatawa nga eh. In the whole Asian region tayo lang ang bansang walang sariling kapasidad na ipagtanggol ang sarili nating bansa sa isang foreign invasion forces like that of China or even Malaysia or Indonesia. Bakit? Because the US once again is the main reason why we do not need such big military forces of our own like making the AFP one of the modern military outfit of the government. DAHIL SA US FORCES na nakalibot sa buong Asia.

    Talo tayo kahit saan man silipin or tingnan. We are being used and abused by the US government. Just look at the VFA and the rape case of Nicole na naconvict si Daniel Smith but only temporary jail at Makati and transferred to the US embassy afterwards and was returned back to the US and Nicole dropped the case and Nicole went to the US to start a new life. The military soldier who were involved was just confined at the US embassy at Roxas blvd. and not in our jail for the duration of the sentence. Isn't this enough proof the US is running the show for us?

  • The book is shrouded in controversy as many of the author's facts were not accurate.

    One of the main reasons why the Philippines is poor is because its public debt is huge in relation to its GDP. It is among the highest in the region. Most of these debts were foreign denominated used to finance projects that never impacted a whole lot to improve the economy. Corruption is endemic, infrastructures are still poor, food production is not sufficient resorting to import much of its needs and a burgeoning population that is outstripping supply of prime commodities. Jobs are scarce and the fiscal deficit has been ballooning due to smuggling and poor tax collection.

    Figure out why our neighbors are richer and we are not; then you blame others like the Americans. Filipinos must rethink these come the next elections.

  • PC
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    I cannot watch the video's and form an opinion as the three links you provided all have the following message "The URL contained a malformed video ID."

    Perhaps you should check the links and provide new ones.

    It is a possibility but would certainly be extremely dangerous for the USA to do as such. Imagine what would happen if all the countries that are in debt to the USA would all decide to renege on their debt. The USA economy would go down the gurgler.

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    Thank you for the suggested reading, and the links. I shall look for that book, and see the videos later because this computer I am now using may not give the links justice.

    As for the question, all speculations would be nullified if only we disprove the premise, i.e., the Philippines is "poor". If this is disproved, then every looked for "reason" why it is so, would be academic. We would no longer need to argue, debate, research, hurt other people's feelings (the Americans, for example.) Thus, I am now embarking on this alternative to prove we are not "poor".

    Let me first finish the book I am reading, "The Lost Symbol", by Dan Brown, and then I shall attend to this hitman.

  • 1 decade ago

    No !

    The "real reason" the Philippines is and always will be a poor country is because:

    # 1. CORRUPTION at all levels of Government all the way down to the Baranguay level. Misuse and misappropriation of public money that should be spent on badly needed infrastructure projects goes into the greedy hands of politicians and corrupt contractors. What little infrastructure is built is substandard.

    # 2. Lack of infrastructure. Would you setup a company here with unreliable and expensive utilities ?

    $ 3. Foreigner Hostile Policies towards legitimate investment. Setup a Corporation here and a foreigner can only control 40% of the Corporation and cannot own any property. I have yet to see anyone who formed a Corporation here be successful. Every single one had it's assets plundered by greedy short sided locals.

    The problems of the Philippines are of their own making. Not the US or any other government.

    The USA left the Philippines in 1987 at the insistence of the Philippine Government. That was 21YEARS ago !

    For many years black americans blamed white americans for all the evils of the world. Now we have a black president, so who is to blame now ?

    People make their own problems and should assume responsibility for their actions. Not sit around and whine and complain how bad things are. You don't like things the way they are ? Then move your butt butt and fix it yourself.

    Source(s): Living in the Philippines since 2002.
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