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Is it okay to eat JELLO when I have an upset stomach?

I cannot eat anything. I think i have a stomach ulcer and my moms trying to get me to eat but i cannot eat anything. She made JELLO can i eat that?

Will JELLO make me throw up? Or will it be ok? And plz dont say 'try it'...i obviously kno that... i want to kno if its okay to eat or not

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    YES YES YES !!!!!!

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    Jello contains adipic and fumaric acid they put in there for tartness. There is probably not a lot in there, but people with ulcers need to be careful. Otherwise, the rest of the ingredients are sugar, disodium phosphate and the jello

    Jello is great for after you have had the flu and do not have the strength to digest a whole meal yet. Chicken noodle soup, crackers, Jello, ice cream and Coke or 7-up for those folks.

    But for ulcer people, might want to stay away.

    PS, do not eat red food color before any testing for ulcers. It can be mistaken for blood, and can make negative tests look positive.

    And please see a doctor ASAP. Ulcers can bleed and get way worse, and there are other things that could cause problems.

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    When one of my girls was only like 17 months old, we were on vacation and she was throwing up non stop... anyhow, we went to a pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended feeding her jello water.. basically jello cooked but not hardened. So, I would think jello would be a great thing!

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    4 years ago

    you need to call the doctor and get a prescription for phenergan. I cant take pain pills as it does the same to me. I have thrownup for a solid week. and if you break out go to the emergency room I had to. the best thing for you right now maybe try seven up. or sprite. no cola caffeine will make it worse and maybe a few salty crackers with the 7up or sprite. you can also try filling a glass up with ice and then put about 3 inches of sprite in it and sip on it that way you wont drink to much and it helps me sometimes. jope you feel better sorry that you are sick.

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    We used to eat jello when we got the flu as kids. It should be OK.

    Oh, and go see a doctor about your ulcer.

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    1 decade ago

    It depends, everyone is different, for me I can't eat anything if I have an upset stomach. I usually drink something fizzy like sparkling water, or Ginger ale, or a smoothie, or just plain water

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    Yea I think it's ok to eat it because i eat it when i have an upset stomach and i feel better,plus my dad is a doctor and even he says its ok. But it would probably be better if you ate some chicken taste better!

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    maybe you have hyperacidity. whenever i'm acidic i eat bananas. but if it's an upset stomach because of toxins, jello and bananas are also okay. it depends on what you have.

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    Yes it will be fine. You won't get sick from it.

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    Yes - it's fine :)

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