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What are some similarities and differences between the Medieval and Renaissance era?

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-- What is the difference between medieval and renaissance europe?The medieval era had become stagnant, and what growth there was socially and otherwise was slow. Very slow.
The Renaissance had men who reached back in time and drew out the best of the old worlds of the ancient Greeks, and other civilizations. They brought them to the forefront of education and exploited the best of the best ideas that fell before the medieval times.
It was a Renaissance of knowledge that capitulated the whole of the continent into a more free thinking collection of nations striving for a better world. It worked, and lasted for centuries. In the art world the Renaissance ended with the "Impressionists".
The industrial revolution was another ending of the Renaissance.
The main differences between the two eras was a matter of thought form and thinking. One was slow and confined (medieval) and the other was open and more flexible giving rise to very quick results for the European world. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... --------- some similarities between medieval and renaissance music would be the type of notation used (the type developed by the end of the medieval period was used in the renaissance too.) also the cantus firmus(using a given melody to compose a polyphonic work)was still used but maybe more freely. the formes fixes such as the rondeaux, viralaie and ballades were still used up to a certain point in the renaissance. its mostly the change from focussing on the technical side of music in the medieval period to making music for expression and meaning in the renaissance. well thats just what i think anyway!
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_some_... --------- --------------- Whats the difference between the renaissance and the middle ages? The renaissance is highlighted by new learning, development of infrastructure, more attention to the arts and reading.

The printing press for example was developed during the renaissance. Also during the renaissance the nation state developed.

The middle ages where nothing like this. There was a general lack of learning and infrastructure. Far more war and feudalism. Loyalty to a person and not a nation state.

Now the renaissance came after the middle ages and the dividing line between the two is difficult to draw. Many people draw it with columbus discovering the new world circa 1492. Me I personally draw it with Martin Luther's reformation starting around 1530. -------------------------------- Simple. The Renaissance Period came after the Middle Ages. It was characterized by movements which were fully against the movements (of culture, art, education, etc.) created and propagated during the Medieval Period (also known as the Middle Ages). This aforementioned Middle Ages was, on the contrary, characterized by strictness and rigidity when it comes to religion, moral values, culture, education, and the like. Thus, an uproar came about, and the the rule of absolute, downright, strict morality and adherence to the Church became totally unfounded; and so, people began creating an age of Neo-Humanism and Neo-Classicism - with a great disposition towards creating a culture that's being influenced by the 6 HUMANITIES, namely: Painting, Sculpture, Music, Literature, Architecture and Landscaping. This humane culture then became a factor which made the Renaissance a period for utmost liberal education, as well as the "return" to and the "rebirth" of the Greek Classical Ages of art, poetry and humanistic values. Renaissance, then, simply means the above quoted words.... http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/104497 ----- What is the similarities and differences in the art of the Renaissance to that of the Middle Ages?
the difference between the middle ages and the renaissance is that the pictures during the middle ages looked like cartoons and during the renaissance there were a lot of details in the pictures that the pictures looked real. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_similarities_and_differences_in_the_art_of_the_Renaissance_to_that_of_the_Middle_Ages
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What are some similarities and differences between the Medieval and Renaissance era?
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