Does anyone know of a book or movie that is about a twin dying and everyone believes it was the other one?

I swear I saw this somewhere. Everyone thought the one who was alive was going through depression and just pretending to be the other one. Eventually they didn't know if they were crazy or not. It was very good and I like to read or watch it again. Please someone help

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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Leonardo Dicaprio.

    I think it was called 'Man in the Mask.'

    Either way, it came out the same year as Titanic but it was an amazing movie.

    Answer mine:;_ylt=Ao...

  • alessi
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    4 years ago

    I enjoyed what i ought to pay attention. If this stupid woman did no longer convey her toddler, it may've been extra acceptable, yet that may no longer the action picture's fault. I hated the e book, so i admire what they became the uninteresting e book into. My widely used so some distance =) I dunno why yet I hate the quick hair Harry has... I hated the pictures besides the fact that it grow to be extra acceptable whilst watching, yet I nevertheless did no longer like it plenty. different than that, it grow to be fantastic! I purely pictured some issues in yet differently (Grimmauld place... I imagined it slightly much less cramped and hall-crammed. I completely imagined the kitchen to have a great long table, however the room itself being vast. I consistently had it in my head that it grow to be like a popular-sized residing house and the kitchen grow to be a great oblong shape and it brought about a lined courtyard with the family tree... I imagined Kreacher slightly youthful-looking yet freaky and unsightly like they did, and the family tree i for my area theory could be cool if it grow to be on an actual tree as a substitute of a wall). undesirable facets: And the place the hell grow to be Quidditch tho? Weasley Is Our King each and each of ways! Ron a keeper... what befell to that? The set substitute... it grow to be slightly distinctive lower back, yet certainly, what number adjustments does this fort grounds bypass by way of? extra wooded area and trails this time... unlike earlier! They decrease out further and further now... I hate that. They decrease properly over a million/2 of GoF interior the action picture. ~~~ enjoyed it the two way! i'm probable gonna see it the next day (I observed it on Thursday - the next day is Saturday, that's technically right this moment in accordance to my time yet w/e). with a bit of luck there're no screaming babies - that woman grow to be ridiculus to convey it, it grow to be silent for fifteen minutes and make noise, and he or she made this 't-t-t' noise it fairly is corresponding to a 'shush' form of noise. She grow to be loud, the toddler grow to be loud, no longer a solid blend (I seen shifting at the back of her to peg popcorn or sumthin yet that'd be advise and purely as stupid as her bringing the toddler interior the 1st place) i did no longer like how they replaced the dementors look. Their heads have been extra... uncovered than interior the third action picture (i spotted...). the two way i did no longer image the dementors the way they have been shown interior the 1st place so w/e =D

  • 1 decade ago

    I know who killed me

    A TERRIBLE movie that is supposed to be in the horror genre, but the movie just fails...epicly...The only reason I named this movie was because it's the only movie I can think of that fits the description.

  • 1 decade ago

    the book is "Twins" by Caroline B. Cooney published by Point Horror

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