Is there a way to add mail button on avg tool bar ?

I just download free avg virus protection on my computer, and it searches through yahoo, which its great, but is there a way to add the mail button right on the avg toolbar. Thats all i really need, that way I can hide or remove the yahoo toolbar.( Dont want all this bars taking up space.

Thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are using Firefox, then you can get your Yahoo mail notifications with the Webmail Notifier add-on (i.e. you don't need the Yahoo toolbar). For IE, you can access yahoo mail without the Yahoo toolbar by going to or setting up a favorite with the URL Also you could make your home page and look for new mail there. However, you need the Yahoo toolbar to get mail notifications. I doubt that AVG or Yahoo will add a mail button to the AVG security toolbar. Another possibility would be to remove the Yahoo toolbar and set up Yahoo Messenger to start at Windows startup and automatically sign on. Yahoo Messenger will then notify you when you receive email. Good luck.

  • Joann
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    4 years ago

    look you do not want to do this it takes memory and makes the COMPUTER slow down allot. you just get rid of it the way to make sure you don't have any is to START then go to control panel and then add/delete programs. then you thumb through there and if you see stuffs laying tool bars delete them they are horrible and Take e up lots of space. sorry to disappoint you.

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