Weather in New Mexico?

I'm moving to Arizona, and a good chunk of my trip will be through New Mexico. I'll be taking Interstate 40 west until I get to Albuquerque, then I'll get on Interstate 25 south to Las Cruces. From there I'll take I-10 west until I get right outside Sierra Vista, AZ.

I understand that nobody can tell me with 100% accuracy, but I'm curious to know what kind of weather I can expect to see and what driving conditions would probably be like. I'll be driving through in early January, if that helps any.

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    There's always a good chance of snow around Albuquerque that time of year, especially coming through the Sandi mountains. As you head south you are moving into the Upper Sonora desert so the weather is clearer but there are times when you hit 40 mph winds. Weather in New Mexico is highly unpredictable and your best bet is just to check the updates when you are getting ready to travel. If you are really worried about storms just keep heading south to El Paso and then take I-10 the whole way.

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