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Why does the President preach bipartisanship & Harry Reid preaches the Nuclear Option: is there a disconnect?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened on Tuesday to use a procedural maneuver to steamroll opponents of health care reform, even as a Senate panel began delicate negotiations over a package that could have the best chance at passing.

The Nevada Democrat, who has issued similar threats before, spoke as the Senate Finance Committee began debate over Chairman Max Baucus' reform plan. Reid threatened to use a budgetary tool called reconciliation -- also known as the "nuclear option" -- that would allow Democrats to pass key parts of the legislation with a simple majority, as opposed to the 60 votes needed to avoid a Republican filibuster.

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    It's the good cop bad cop scenerio. Obama plays he has no idea what is happening and uses his lynchmen to do the dirty work.

    This has been BHO's MO all his political life.

    Book Em Danno !!!

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    George W. Bush used to have Ted Kennedy over to the White House seeking bi-partisan support for legislation. It seldom happened but it is what most presidents seek at the start of their first term.

    One important reason why it is sought - a conservative Democrat in a conservative state may be running for re-election. Having a bill supported by Republicans helps him/her win re-election.

    Republicans have laid out pretty much a market driven approach to health care reform, which is what we have now and it's not working - high premiums, costly medical services and a lot of people either uninsured or under insured.

    Republicans see health care as a way to pick up seats in the next election and it's always about power; Democrats would do the same if they were not in control.

    Who loses? The people lose.

    Remember, lobbyists have spent $400,000,000 trying to derail health care reform.

    If it takes a "nuclear option" so be it.

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    George W. Bush used to have Ted Kennedy over to the White abode finding for bi-partisan help for regulation. It seldom have been given right here approximately even with the incontrovertible fact that no remember if it is what optimal presidents seek for for in the previous each little thing of their first term. One important reason it is sought - a conservative Democrat in a conservative state may be working for re-election. Having a bill supported by capacity of making use of Republicans enables him/her win re-election. Republicans have laid out exceedingly lots a industry pushed physique of innovations of wellbeing care reform, that's what now we've and it is not any longer working - severe expenses, severe priced scientific centers and a great form of persons the two uninsured or decrease than insured. Republicans see wellbeing care as a thank you to %.. up seats indoors the subsequent election and it is often approximately ability; Democrats would desire to do the comparable in the event that they weren't on good of themes. Who loses? the persons lose. remember, lobbyists have spent $4 hundred,000,000 attempting to derail wellbeing care reform. If it takes a "nuclear decision" so be it.

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    Well, they are two different people, so it could happen they would have two different opinions or positions.

    And why is it so bad when Harry Reid proposes the nuclear option but it was fine when the Republicans did it for at least six long years?

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    I can only assume that the bipartisanship was a possiblity. The President is realistic and for whatever reasons the two parties will never agree and so bipartisanship agreement on anything is no longer possible.

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    Sure there's a disconnect, but neither one works for or answers to the other.

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    Nope, you must put the whole story together.

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    Yes both of their brains are disconnected from reality.

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