i wrote a short story?

I wrote a short story and i need it published. how do i get my story published. It has some misspelled words and do they correct it. I like to write because it's relaxing and nobody can bug me. I want to be like stephen king but his stories are way better. He didn't get much for carrie because he was new. then his work got little better. please help me. 10 points (I need some good info)

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    Okay, so you all ready have some problems.

    Do NOT by any means compare yourself to famous authors. There is no way that anyone will be above or below Stephen King or Jane Austen, and I don't mean that in the way you'd think.

    What I mean is that every writer is so unbelievably different from the next that it is almost comical. You can't be better than Stephen King or worse because I bet you a billion dollars that you have two completely different voices in your work.

    There are a million writers out there that, because they are new or for any other reason, can't get their talent out there for everyone to see. It wasn't just Stephen King. Remember that things happen to everyone, not just your favorite celebrities.

    If it's a short story, then you should revise it yourself first. Look it over a million times and revise. Then give it to someone you trust to revise. Then to someone else. Then to another person. You must get as many opinions and revisions that you can before you even consider publishing.

    Then, transport it to manuscript form (you can do this whenever you like- you just have to do it before you send it off). You can find the correct way to do a short story manuscript online. Google it.

    Once it's in manuscript form, then you revise it again yourself, taking all of the notes you recieved to make your short story the best that it can be. Then have the same people look at it again and again. You can't have it revised too many times- that isn't possible.

    If you'd like to, you can now send it to a professional editor. This may be pricy depending on how many words. Sometimes it's five cents per word, sometimes five dollars per page. Check out a few editor's prices before you send your story to them.

    Also, make sure that this editor is a reccomended editor. You don't want to send your short story to someone that would steal it and make it their own story.

    After all of that is done, make a top five list of publishers. Have another five publishers that are your "just in case" publishers. A lot of people have a preferance. I'd pick a publisher that has the actual building, at the most, an hour away, just in case you need to meet.

    Then, send your story, one at a time (wait for the first one you send it to to respond, then to the next publisher), to each publisher that you picked.

    This is the longest process. Depending on the popularity of the publisher, this could take from weeks to months to years. You must be patient. While waiting, write more short stories. It's easier to get published after you have been once.

    Finally, the day that you get a letter- or call- that your short story is PERFECT for the company.

    This is where it gets expensive. The more copies you want, the more you have to pay.

    That's all that I can tell you there- now it's up to you. Hope that I helped.

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    4 years ago

    Finding a good idea can be tough. The first thing I would do is to chose a genre. Do you like fantasy? Scifi? Romance? Horror? etc etc. I would hold off reading any short stories in your chosen genre until you have a specific idea in mind, that way you don't accidentally borrow *too* many ideas. Writing's always better if it comes from your own head :-) Once you've decided on a genre, try and think about things that interest you to find a plot. Look at the world around you for inspiration. The news can be good inspiration, as can music. think about some of your favorite stories, or stories you would have liked better if it would have gone a different way. If you want to write a horror, sit down, turn off the lights, and try to imagine the scariest thing you can think of happening to you. If you want a romance, think about what would completely sweep you off your feet. Scifi and Fantasy can be easy--what kind of world do you wish you could live in? What kind of person do you wish you could be? What kind of things do you wish were real? After you've done that, decide whether you want it to be in first person or in third. First person shows more about the character's thoughts and feelings and reactions, while third person shows more of the big picture and has the opportunity to create some dramatic irony--something important the reader knows but the character doesn't. Once you've decided all that, it's time to do some research! Now you should read as many short stories in your genre as you can to get a feel for how it's done. Also, google is your friend--use it to look up keywords "elements of fiction," so you can look up things like plot, symbolism, rising and falling action, etc etc. You can even google "how to write a short story," to try and get a nice, solid how-to. That's about all I can think of. Once you've got all that, the rest (ie, good writing) is up to you!

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    do some research on publishers. you'll need to send your story to about ten of them, stephenie meyer send her twilight to nine publishers and got one acceptance - so don't be too upset if you get rejected. read through it and edit it, adding in a few more sentences and correcting anything you can see. if you're taking this seriously, you need an editor who will do everything you missed and give you serious feedback. for me, this is my mum, but it can be anyone - a friend, family member, if you get famous you can hire somebody.

    i advise you get somebody else to read it before sending it off, a couple of people who will give you honest critisism. not that i'm saying it is but your story could be rubbish for all you know.

    i wish you the best of luck. :)

    oh and by the way, they don't really look for short stories. i'm not sure what your term of ''short'' is but i've just finished a novel which is average young teenage girl material and it's 55,000 words long. you may want to consider that.

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    Short stories are hard to sell.

    That's why most authors with short stories have compilation books, which are basically most of their short stories strung together in book form.

    It's hard to do. If you really just want one short story published, look for a magazine to send it to.

    They will most likely proof it for small errors, but you will need to do the best editing that you can as well.

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    1 decade ago

    You sound like some ten year old kid who doesn't know the right side of a ballpoint pen. Start honing your writing before you think you're ready for publishing, because odds are, you probably aren't.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im not quite sure where you can but it dose sound like your young.

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