radiologist technologist job availability in Miami Florida?

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the job availability is for rad techs as of 2009 or point me to a website with the statistics??

Please and thank you for the help!

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    One of the largest hospital systems in Miami-Dade is Baptist Health Systems. They have a very large hospital in Kendall and also have one in South Miami and another one in Homestead. I think they also own what was Doctor's Hospital in Coral Gables.

    Jackson Memorial Hospital is affiliated with University of Miami and has more than one location. There is also Mercy Hospital in the City of Miami or Coconut Grove.

    One word of counsel is that if you do not know Spanish you will find it hard to get hired anywhere and hard to do your job if you have to deal with the general public.

    There are also some hospitals in the North Miami North Miami Beach areas. Other than that there are tons of medical services of all sorts and there should be plenty of opportunity. You may also want to check other South Florida counties such as Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

    Source(s): Lived in SW Miami Dade for 22 years.
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    In X-ray- You might be required to perform a little relocating of sufferers and different lifting that may be complicated as you grow older. For my area Medical Technologist there's much less of this on the grounds that you don't manage sufferers (besides in a few truly small amenities). There could also be a Medical Lab Technician (furnished at many Jr or group schools ) if you don't desire to move the BS course.

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